Cesar Millan Is Coming to DC!

World renowned dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan (star of Dog Whisperer and Cesar 911) is coming to Washington DC this September and is looking for dogs with quirky but common, everyday problems to rehabilitate in an exciting live event!

Is your dog obsessed with an inanimate object like a ball, toy, or the vacuum cleaner? Does your dog go bonkers over his food to the point that meal time is a nightmare? Is your dog so friendly that his jumpy, perhaps mouthy behavior when greeting people is actually causing them to avoid you? These are just a few of the problem behaviors Cesar is looking to help DC dog owners overcome.

If you or anyone you know in the DC area is suffering from these canine catastrophes, please have them submit their name, contact info, and a description of what the problem behavior is to cesarandsoncasting@gmail.com today!

Please be sure to write “DC LIVE EVENT DOG” in the subject line.


  1. Melissa Madison
    Carroll County, MD
    August 5, 2016, 9:32 pm

    Our schnoodle Suppertime is a jumper. She gets so excited when she sees people that she jumps up on them. This was cute when she was very small, but we can’t break her of the habit. She also attacks men who are wearing socks. She thinks it’s a game and attacks them. It’s definitely not cure.

  2. Nancy rodriguez
    August 10, 2016, 1:41 pm

    My dog is very ball/fetch obsessed he will play until his feet bleed because of running on the pavement and I force him to stop. The game of fetch for him is truly do or die. He zones in sees nothing but the ball /stick and will never stop unless you force him. He gets overly excited/borderline aggressive when playing ball with other dogs he quickly escalates the game to a challenge with other dogs. I would like him to not be so obessesed with the ball/game of fetch and learn to play nicely with toys with other dogs.

  3. Rocio Sanchez
    September 18, 2016, 1:36 pm

    I really would like to know when and where he is going to be in DC. I would love to meet him and say hi. Thanks

  4. Gabrielle Katzbahn-Rush
    United States
    September 20, 2016, 1:24 pm

    I’m desperate for help with my MinPin/Cairn Terrier mix. Her name is Bing and she is a nightmare on the leash when other dogs pass by. She shrieks(the most high pitch sound ive ever heard from a dog!) and jumps and charges and has just recently started biting my legs as i try to continue walking past another dog. I literally cry after nearly every walk i take her on. I have been searching the web to find out where you’ll be in dc and i have found nothing. i live 20 min outside the city and i need help so badly. please please please please please i have tried two different trainers this summer and have made no progress. please omg help me with dog. i love her to the moon and back and i know she is scared on the leash and i dont know what to do to help her!

  5. Monique Smith
    Washington DC
    September 24, 2016, 12:17 am

    Hi Cesar my dog Jiggy is a 4 year old Yorkie/Maltese but thinks he is a Pit Bull…”HELP” he is uncontrollable around other dogs and has bitten me twice trying to fight a Boxer and a Rottie. He barks at my neighbors and I can’t even sit on my porch with him. I tried a class to socialize him but it didn’t work. You are my last hope !