Think You Only Have Five Senses? Think Again

We’ve all heard of the illusive sixth sense, but have you ever thought about the eighth, ninth or 12th sense? The five senses you were taught as kids: touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing were only the beginning. Ever thought about how you stay upright while walking? Or why certain noises induce a physical reaction? How about why keeping track of time passing is harder when the activity is more exciting? All of these answers can be found in the hidden senses your brain. It’s a big crazy world out there, and our brain needs more than five senses to make sense of it all.

This Sunday, on Brain Games, host Jason Silva heads to the Big Apple for a little mind manipulation. Through a series of games and experiments, viewers witness the power of the numerous hidden senses of the brain, and what happens when we tap into them.

Before this weekend’s premiere of Super Senses, we invited some of our favorite bloggers to shed light on this mind-bending topic. We asked them the questions below:

Is mind reading just a footnote in science fiction? Do you believe in mind reading? Why or why not?

Here’s what they had to say:

Melissa Taylor of Imagination Soup, a former award-winning elementary school teacher, says frankly, “I don’t believe in mind reading but do believe in what Brain Games calls micro-observation – a sort of Sherlockian method of reading people.” On the topic of the brain’s more than a handful of senses, Taylor says, “You’ll learn that we don’t just have five senses. There are more! Although, if you’re like me and have a kiddo with sensory processing issues, you already know this.”

Holistic health coach and yoga instructor Renee Canada of The Mind-Body Shift talks about the “predictive prowess of mentalist Marc Salem,” asking, “Can he really read the mind of audience members, or does his true talent lie in having incredible observation skills and an extremely reliable memory? My vote is with the latter, which is just as remarkable.” Canada concludes, “We can absolutely listen and pay better attention to signals we get from our own brain. And by doing so, we can hone our senses, refine our perceptions and improve our own physical, emotional and mental well-being, becoming the superheroes of our own lives.” Read the full article, How to Better Embody Our Bodies By Honing Our Super Senses >>

Thank you to The Mind-Body Shift and Imagination Soup for shedding insight into this mysterious and complex subject. Tune in to Brain Games: Super Senses, this coming Sunday, March 13, at 9/8c on National Geographic Channel.

In this preview clip, take a look at how certain sounds induce physical reactions in our bodies.

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