A Nat Geo Winter WILDland

Happy holidays from Nat Geo WILD!  Winter WILDland has just begun and we’re getting into the holiday spirit with a full day of our favorite shows featuring episodes from the world’s coldest places. So grab a blanket and cuddle up to WILD’s special winter inspired picks!

Learn about the life and death struggles for ice killers, polar bears, penguins, and other animals occupying the arctic from 12-1 p.m. on Built for the Kill. Then, from 3-5 p.m., we’ll venture to our friends in Alaska with Secrets of Alaska’s Salmon Shark, Alaska’s Glacier Bay, and Wild Alaska.

And finally, what better way to celebrate Christmas eve than ending the night with fan favorites Snow Babies, A Penguin’s Life, and Ice Bear? Check out the full schedule below to see how we celebrate Winter WILDland Nat Geo style.

Baby Emperor Penguin

Baby emperor penguin on Snow Babies (Photograph by National Geographic Channels/Fuse) For more cute baby animal photos, check out the Snow Babies photo gallery.


Winter WILDland 2016:

12 p.m.  –   Built for the Kill: Ice Killers

1 p.m.    –   Built for the Kill: Polar Bears

2 p.m.   –   Building Penguin Paradise

3 p.m.   –   Secrets of Alaska’s Salmon Shark

4 p.m.   –   Alaska’s Glacier Bay

5 p.m.   –   Wild Alaska

6 p.m.   –   Behind Russia’s Frozen Curtain

7 p.m.   –   Kingdom of the North: Journey to the Edge

8 p.m.   –   Snow Babies

9 p.m.   –   A Penguin’s Life

10 p.m. –   Ice Bear