A Series of Unfortunate Events: Survive This

This week on Live Free or Die,our favorite primitives are in for a bit of bad luck that puts a pause on their plans and their survival skills are put to the ultimate test. Flexibility, adaptability, and creative problem solving is the only way to brave nature’s course.  

Check out some highlights from this week in the wild. How do you think you’d deal with a day in the life?

Can you survive this?

With spawning season at its peak, it’s a perfect time to take the canoe out and bring back some fish. However, with nature always changing, Colbert is caught off guard by a sudden storm and has to decide whether to head home or keep pushing through.

The key to Colbert’s survival is good judgement.

2015-11-09 21_09_45

While the wetness is no bother, Colbert knows thunder and lightning brings great danger and decides to head back to land to wait out the weather. While time is of the essence, a little bit of caution and reason goes a long way in the wild and listening to your instincts can be your saving grace.

What about this?

In the Colorado Rockies, Derik works hard to live free. However, the spring snow that has been gathering up on his work house roof finally caves in, putting a pause on his projects. He needs to head into the woods and gather some lumber for repairs, relying on his mules for the heavy lifting.

The key to Derik’s survival is adaptability. 

2015-11-09 20_34_48

He ties the lumber to the saddle and is ready to head home until his mule gets spooked and refuses to cooperate. While Derik is left to do the heavy lifting on his own, he knows that in the wild you need to adjust your plans when obstacles arise and get the job done however you can.

and this?

In the Blue Ridge Mountains, woodsman Thorn is on the move for his next meal. With a homemade spear and a torch in hand, he sets out in the night to catch some frogs. However, the night is chillier than expected and it seems the cold has scared many away.

The key to Thorn’s survival is determination.

2015-11-09 20_44_48

Despite the conditions, Thorn stays focused and listens closely to locate a few frogs. His patience, precision, and positivity helps him push through the challenges and successfully gather enough to make a meal.

…or this?

It’s the dog days of summer in the Arizona desert and Tobias’s water source that is drying up. To make matters worse, what’s left of the pool has caught the attention of other wild critters, bringing in more bugs and a greater chance for contamination. He needs a solution to stay hydrated and healthy, fast.

The key to Tobias’ survival is creative problem solving.

2015-11-09 15_32_02

He digs a well nearby in the hopes that groundwater will seep through the sand for a natural filtration process. After letting it set for a while, Tobias returns to find his survival skills have paid off and he’ll have enough clean, clear, and crisp water to last at least a little while longer.

Do you think you have what it takes to live free? How would you survive in the wild? What is your key to life? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Larry M
    Raleigh, NC
    November 18, 2015, 2:51 pm

    I love this show and the characters. The only issue that I have is in the fact that NatGeo bleeps out all of Derik Steven’s profanity except, what seems to be his favorite profane phrase, his use of God’s name in vane. In many ways, that profane phrase is more offensive to Christians than the “f” word or “SOB”. Please give consideration to bleeping out that phrase along with the other vile verbiage that comes out of his mouth.

  2. Michelle Frank
    South Yarra
    November 20, 2015, 8:18 am

    Loved this post. Love this show and characters too. Thanks for sharing. I usually don’t have interest in these kind of shows as I have interest in Wide Shoes and Dance. But after reading this, I loved it.

  3. Estella B
    November 21, 2015, 7:31 pm

    Amen Larry M. It seems nobody cares how much that offends Christians. many other channels do the same. It’s like it is done purposely to slap God in the face. It is very tacky and distasteful.

  4. WKenneth
    United States
    November 25, 2015, 8:50 pm

    The show is informative but Derick is a joke, claims to have lived his way for 20 years and has had horses and mules since he was 15 but yet has no clue how to deal with his own mules. and i agree with the bleeps not that i’m religious but come on enough is enough it even bothered me. And the commentator says there’s a movement growing in america but they show more about people that have been living this way for more than 10 years. It should be more about people like Thorn, Tony and Amelia and their struggles in their new ways of life. Keep up on the old ways Thorn

  5. rrodscott
    November 26, 2015, 7:29 am

    I love this show. I binge watched the first two seasons, and this is the first TV show I’ve watched in about ten years. Everyone write to natgeo and make sure they keep this show on the tube. It is interesting that they were lucky enough to find such interesting characters. As far as the guy cursing, it’s important to make the show as authentic as possible since these folks did agree to be recorded as they were covered with mud, bees and whatever else. The young couple is an example of how much can be accomplished when two people pull in the same direction.

  6. R. Gustafsson
    Los Angeles
    December 17, 2015, 3:14 pm

    I just have a comment about Tobias. It e NEVER SEEN SOMEONE AS CONDESCENDING AS HE IS. I DON’T NEED STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO WALK THROUGH THE SAND. I know this is going to be hard for you to believe, but there are quite a few people that do have experience… So no need to talk like we’re five. You should take a page out of Thornsbook!!!