No-Shave November in the WILD!

It may be No-Shave November for us humans, but that doesn’t exclude our furry friends in the wild. Need some inspiration for your bearded look? Take a look at these six animals that sport facial hair all year long!

1. Emperor Tamarin

cute emperor tamarin

Only 9-10.5 inches in body length, the emperor tamarin is named after German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II for its distinct white, long facial adornments. These cheeky fellows are agile and are often found high up in tree branches in groups of fifteen.

2. Guenon

















As some of the most energetic, vibrant monkeys, Guenons animate African wildlife from sea level to the mountains. They are sometimes known as the owl-faced monkey and their cheeks alone can hold as much food as a single stomach!


3. Male Siberian Ibex

Male Siberian ibex

For the Siberian ibex, the facial hair fun isn’t just kept to the male gender. Though both sexes have a long dark beard, Male Nubian ibexes use their beard to spread a scent to attract their potential partners.


4. Bearded Pig

Bearded pig

The bearded pig’s bizarre body shape includes slender legs and an elongated head. How this fuzzy faced animal got its name may not be a mystery, but did you know that they are able to interbreed with other domestic pigs?

5. Walrus


Found chilling on the Arctic Circle, walruses are long-tusked and bearded marine mammals that hang out in herds of hundreds.

6. Brussels Griffon

Dog on walk in the summer

In addition to the long wispy beard, this terrier-like dog is known for its resemblance of human expressions, making it a playful companion among all kinds of dog lovers.