X-Ray Files: Can You Guess Dr. K’s Next Patient?

Is it a duck? A squirrel? A mouse? None of the above? One of the X-ray files will be featured on this week’s episode of Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER. Can you guess the species of this mystery patient?

Hint #1: They may be vegetarian, but don’t get your hand too close or they might mistake your finger for a nutritious snacks.

Hint #2: Originating from the Andes Mountains in South America, these animals were brought to Europe from returning Spanish sailors during the 15th century.

Hint #3: These furry friends are also known as cavies and are related to chinchillas and porcupines.

Still stuck on the puzzle? Watch this sneak peak to reveal the mystery animal behind the X-ray file!

Answer: Guinea Pig

This week, Cookies the guinea pig came in with a severe eye injury and Dr. K has to decide if the risk of blindness is worth the surgery. Dr. K never knows what type of animal may come to the clinic next. Use your skills to see if you can uncover the rest of mysterious exotic animals featured in the Dr. K X-Ray Files.

Be sure to catch the all-new episode, Let Me Clear My Goat this Saturday, November 7 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD to see if  Dr. K can help Cookies!