It’s Midterm Madness on Vet School

First-day of school jitters are over and students at Cornell’s Vet School are getting into the groove of things, but the road to becoming a vet isn’t always easy. Whiles fourth-years continue their tough rotations, first-year students are studying hard for the biggest test of their Vet School career. Catch all the craziness on a brand new episode of Vet School this Saturday.

Becoming a vet isn’t all fun and games, as first-year students study for their big midterm exam, a grueling three-day, 12 hour ordeal. Students Dan, Hannah, and Cristina, are nervously preparing for a test that could make or break their Veterinarian career. However, in Vet School, there’s no time for a break, as students have to jump right back into labs after the demanding exam. First-years visit the horse lab where they learn how to give mouth exams. There’s one technique students have to do in order to give this routine exam and some students find it extremely tricky to master.

Though fourth-years don’t have to suffer through midterms, they are facing their own challenges with new rotations this week. Check out the cases below to see what challenges the fourth-year students are facing this week.

Case #1: Lucas


A 6-year-old Maltese, Lucas visits Cornell’s Companion Hospital after suffering sever bladder stones. Fourth-year student Sam is in Anesthesiology this week and he must learn how to properly sedate him for surgery. However, due to a difficult medical condition and his small size, Sam and his resident must find the proper drugs in order to successfully remove the painful bladder stones.

Case #2: Bentley

While Singen is in his ophthalmology rotation, he encounters an interesting case of a 2-year-old English bulldog that has gone completely blind. Bentley suffers from cataracts that have left him blind in an extremely short time. However, there is a surgery available that may be able to give back his eyesight. The pressure if on to see if they can successfully reverse Bentley’s blindness.

Case #3: Molly


Aria faces her largest challenge yet at the Equine Hospital. Though Aria intends to practice small animal medicine, she must successfully complete her rotation in large animal surgery. Molly is a 14-year-old quarter horse and suffers from a large cyst on her leg. They will have to put her under a large amount of anesthesia to remove the cyst, however the real problem arises when they wake her up. Will Molly be able to stand up or risk serious complications from being down for so long?

The pressure is on for the students in an all-new episode of Vet School: Midterm Madness this Saturday at 10/9c. Tune in to catch all the action and tell us your thoughts. We’d love to hear what you think and see if you have what it takes to be a vet!