Class Is In Session: Cornell Vet School Day 1

It’s day one at Cornell University’s vet school and first-year students are quickly learning that no day is the same, especially when your patients are animals. Tonight on Vet school, follow the students’ every move–from a difficult heart surgery to the basics of a cat physical.

In this preview clip, Dr. Carolyn McDaniel teaches a new class of first-year students the #1 lesson in veterinary medicine—her lively hand washing technique:

While first year students are learning the ins-and-outs of basic veterinary care, fourth-year students put their training to good use during rotations at Cornell’s companion hospital. In this week’s episode, fourth-year student, Aziz Glass, is given the rare opportunity to participate in a heart surgery for a young bulldog named Millie. Complications arise during this six-hour procedure and the group must use not just knowledge, but teamwork to save the life of sweet Mille.

At Cornell University, rotations play a big part for fourth-year students. Students must step out of their comfort zones to work with animals of all sizes. For some students like Singen Elliot, smaller isn’t always better. In this week’s episode, Singen checks up on a two-month-old Ayrshire calf with a fractured leg. With an interest in large animals, this rotation comes with ease for Singen–however, his next rotation is dealing with a small, frisky cat with kidney stones. How will Singen face up to this new challenge?

Do you have what it takes to make it at Cornell’s Veterinarian School? Tune in to all-new episode of Vet School this Saturday at 10/9c to get a first-hand glimpse!