Live Free or Die Returns Tonight For an All-New Season

Live Free or Die follows six members of a remote American subculture of self-proclaimed Primitives living in the backwoods, deserts, mountains and swamps across the country, without any of the conveniences of modern society. Freed from the constraints of a technology-fueled existence, they are modern-day pioneers who rely only on their skill and intuition to harness the natural environment.   They face floods, black bears, blizzards, mosquitoes, arid desert, and torrential rain, all while living by a strict code to remain totally self-sufficient, despite the dangers.   But it is this very code, the difficulty of keeping it, and the potential to triumph over nature that fuel their desire to remain on these modern-day frontiers.

Trapping, hunting, foraging, and building are only a few of the things these people undertake on a daily basis. Each has their own unique way of working in concert with nature and reaping its benefits.

Colbert is a former financial planner who left the business world to inhabit the swamps of southern Georgia over 20 years ago. He’s now an expert trapper and outdoorsman who knows the dark corners and complex sloughs of the swamp like the back of his hand.

Tony and Amelia are off-the-grid, do-it-yourself homesteaders, constructing homemade heating systems, portable animal pens, and creative primitive tapping systems for the trees on their property, all in the name of complete sustainability.

Primitive woodsman Thorn lives in a forest hut he built himself, fending off the occasional hungry bear while constructing a terraced hillside permaculture by hand in the wilds of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Tobias is a minimalist, living in Arizona and often surviving in the high desert with only the supplies he can carry on his back. Water, food, shelter – these are all resources he can find using the most important tool in his arsenal: his knowledge.

Derik has lived in the Rockies all his life, while carving out an existence in the cabin built by his father by employing a long forgotten skill once revered in these mountains: blacksmithing. Using old railroad spikes and an old school forge, Derik barters for what little supplies he needs, and then hunts and forages for the rest.

Living wild means leaving behind the established social order and existing at the mercy of nature. Forget cell phones, internet, television, even electricity and running water – turning away from modern conveniences for these six men and women means experiencing what it truly means to be human in the world.

Don’t miss an all-new season of Live Free or Die tonight at 9/8c.


  1. Ex Umbra
    October 13, 2015, 7:01 pm

    Can’t wait to see my good friend Colbert on the show tonight.
    I’m really excited to see myself and Thorn on the show together!!!

    I’ll be happy to answer any questions after the show!