Welcome to the Doghouse: Catch of the Week | Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks

The pressure is palpable, pitting boat against boat and on one troubled vessel, captain against crew. Somehow, the Doghouse rises above the drama and pulls in yet another catch of the week.

Waiting in the wings to make a surprise leaderboard attack on the two leaders is fellow southern vessel Doghouse. Stalwart captain Britton Shackelford and his dogged crew are within striking distance of the top spot but it all comes down to whether they can get some good bluefin in the final days of fishing. Sure enough the Doghouse maintains it’s reputation and seemingly in no time another tuna is on deck—a womping 87″ 312 pound bluefin.

Catch the final frontier on the season finale  Wicked Tuna Outer Banks: Wicked End, Sunday at 9/8c.