It’s a Double on Deck! | Hook, Line, & Sinker

Each week, some boats hook a big one, some have a lot on the line, while others are sinking in the season.  This week, two North Carolina fishing veterans battle each other for top spot of the Outer Banks’ bluefin tuna fleet, and while one northern captain tries to improve southern relations, another captain banks on a greenhorn in a dangerous situation.


2015-08-07 02_51_07

At the start of day nine on the water, last season’s champion, captain Greg Mayer and his Fishin’ Frenzy crew are the top earners of the Outer Banks’ bluefin tuna fleet. However, their lead is only a slim margin over local rivals Charlie and Jake Griffin, of Reels of Fortune. The close competition is no distraction as the crew hooks two large tuna, adding up to 541 lbs. and $6,802 total.


2015-08-07 02_38_31

After some ups and downs on deck, captain Britton’s inexperienced son redeemed himself by securing their boat’s first catch. However, it’s a new day and the pressure remains high. The Doghouse’s chances of landing their second fish of the season seem slim as night nears and dark conditions bring a higher chance for mistakes of injuries. However, the boat gets a bite from a mighty fish but with little to no light, it’s hard for the crew to keep their eye on the tuna and their lines. It all comes down to whether Britton’s son Austin can come through in this dangerous situation. With urgency, determination, and teamwork, the boat successfully catches the fish, reeling in 221. lbs and $4,420.


2015-08-07 02_58_04Unfamiliar to the North Carolina waters, Hot Tuna struggles to keep up with the rest of the fleet. The boat needs to pick up their game but after getting a bite, the crew realizes the fish is too small to keep. The boat isn’t getting many bites and the ones that they do, have to be released. Tough out of luck, captain TJ Ott reaches out to the local ladies of Reel Action who have dealt with their own batch of bad catches with the hopes that a new friendship will lead to a wealth of local knowledge.

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