Watch Out Fellas, The Ladies of Reel Action Are Coming For You!

The fishing season is off to a rocky start for captains Dave Marciano of Hard Merchandise and Charlie Griffin of Reels of Fortune. While navigating the treacherous Oregon Inlet, which changes depth frequently and drastically due to the rough waters of the inlet, both boats find themselves in grave danger.

Hard Merchandise and Reels of Fortune both sustained heavy damage, costing them a hefty price in reparations. Is this the end of the season for these two boats?

Meanwhile, the tough, sailor-mouthed, all-female boat Reel Action is just getting started.

Led by Captain Tami Gray, who has 17-years of fishing experience under her belt, Reel Action is in a perfect position to take the lead. Will they come out on top or will the bruised and battered boats make a comeback?

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