Welcome to the Danger Zone Tonight on Animals Gone Wild

The battle of the animal titans is back and this week we’re putting our top three video up against each other in an all-out challenge.  Now, it’s time for you to weigh in and tell us who YOU PICK as your favorite.  From some balancing goats, to giraffe that fights back and a sure-footed dog.  Can you guess which of these bold animals we are going to feature in tonight’s episode?  Let us know below and tune in tonight at 9/8c to see the result!

Also on tonight’s episode, you don’t earn the title “king of beasts” by following orders. And when a circus lion turns the tables on his trainers and he proves that his presence deserves respect.

Then, it’s difficult to know exactly when or where whales will appear.  But when they do, you’d better hope they’re friendly.  Open water swimmers get a surprise visit from a pair of whales, and have an experience to remember.

Following instincts is how most animals survive in the wild. But the urban jungle has a different set of rules.  When a small dog doesn’t make it into an elevator with his walker, his leash becomes a hangman’s noose.  Will he be able to hold his own against the mechanical doors?

When thirty of the oceans most intelligent creatures veer off course, a day in paradise turns into a desperate rescue mission.  The clock is ticking when a group of dolphins beaches themselves on a sun-soaked Brazilian beach.  Shocked beachgoers must spring into action if they want to save the day.

From rampaging vengeful creatures, and freak accidents turned lethal, to deadly surprise pitfalls, and life-threatening close encounters – see how nature’s moment’s can quickly turn intense on an all-new Animals Gone Wild, tonight 9/8c.