Millenium Falcon or Starship Enterprise? Q&A With StarTalk Host Neil deGrasse Tyson


This afternoon, Neil deGrasse Tyson, the host of our new late-night talk show, StarTalk, joined us for a Facebook Q&A with our fans. Questions ranged from the scientific to the bizarre to the ultra nerdy, and Neil had a blast answering them all. Here are a few highlights:

Josh H: Ok Neil, the question burning in everyone’s mind is : “Millenium Falcon or Starship Enterprise? Which one would you choose and why?”

NDT: Enterprise would wipe the floor with the Millennium falcon. In every way that matters. Gotta credit the “jump to hyperspace” visual though, in Ep 4

Jonjei K You may choose one Sci-Fi tool/innovation to become real right now and have the power to use it, what would you select?

NDT: Transporter. Of course. With it. you don’t need roads. You don’t need trucks. In fact, imagine a transporter that removes human waste from within you and puts it somewhere far away. The uses are limitless – far beyond moving people from place to place.

Josh M: Do you think we will colonize another planet or is it just another pipe dream? Or will humanity die off before that’s even a option?

NDT: We will colonize planets ONLY if we see financial gain from it or if it serves an obvious military advantage. The urge to explore has never been a sufficient driver to make any of this happen

Gabriel K: Using a time machine to go forward in time — do you choose to go 50 years, 500 years… or 5,000 years?

NDT: 500 years. Near enough to have some chance of understanding what I’m looking at. Far enough to have my mind blown by most of what I lay eyes upon. Presuming of course we are not at the doorstep of a new Dark Age, where science and technology is rejected by civilization.
What sci-fi movies are the most accurate? Who is his favorite superhero? How does Neil groom his moustache?

Find out the answers to these questions and more by reading the entire Q&A HERE.

StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson airs Monday nights at 11/10c on the National Geographic Channel.