Crabs Climbing Trees? #WhereInTheWorld REVEALED!

Australia is an island continent located between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Most Australian cities and farms are located in the southwest and southeast regions, where the climate is more comfortable to inhabit. In the northeast region of the country, there are dense rainforests and vegetation. The famous outback, remote rural areas of the country, contains the country’s largest dry deserts. The outback is most notable for the scorching temperatures, little water, and almost no vegetation.

The coconut crab is the largest terrestrial arthropod in the world and is known for its ability to crack coconuts with its claws. If coconuts aren’t available on the ground, these crabs will climb up trees and cut them down themselves. Coconut crabs can weigh up to 4kg and can have a leg span of 1m. Coconut crabs live on land for the very fact that they cannot swim. Although this is the case, they still depend on water to spawn and for the initial larval stages.


  1. Emily
    April 20, 2015, 9:34 am

    Why do they glow?

  2. Audrey CHARBONNEL
    new caledonia
    April 20, 2015, 2:28 pm

    There are also coconut crab in all the pacific island. We found them in NC Tahiti Fidji and so on.