Sandro’s In Charge: Wicked Tuna Catch of the Week

On week six of the North Atlantic Bluefin tuna fishing season, Pin Wheel captain Tyler McLaughlin and Dave Carraro of have already pushed ahead of the rest of the Gloucester fleet, leaving several veteran captains in their wake.

One of those captains is Dave Marciano of Hard Merchandise. It’s been a slow start for him and his crew, and they’ve only caught two tuna in the past five weeks. While Dave’s son greenhorn deckhand Joe Marciano is starting to work well with his first mate Jay Muenzner, good teamwork doesn’t always translate into meat on the deck. Dave knows it all comes down to taking advantage of every bite, but this week their battles with giant bluefin tunas may have been more than he could handle.

Meanwhile, is without a skipper this week, as Captain Dave Carraro, a part-time commercial airline pilot, is out flying. The boat is currently trailing rival Pin Wheel and Dave can’t afford to have his boat sit at the dock, so first mate Sandro Maniaci takes the wheel. Fighting a giant tuna takes more than just one set of hands, so Sandro brings on longtime friend Geordie Sousa for the trip. A recent college graduate, Geordie is looking to impress and hopes this opportunity leads to a full-time job on the boat. Even with the captain away, the rest of the crew worked together and achieved the biggest payday of the week. Relieve’s big moment on this Catch of the Week:

This 741 pound catch measured up to $8,892. To put that one catch into perceptive, here’s what one fish can mean:WT_Share_WOTL_Week6

While one boat is swimming in cash, it’s all dry on deck of the Hot Tuna as Captain TJ Ott and crew found themselves in a bit of a slump sliding father down the leader board each week. They were on fire right from the start, landing four fish in the first three weeks, but have since gone ice cold. They went from first to third place on the leaderboard and with first mate Jarrett Przybyszewski not making the trip, the boat was shorthanded. Does the remaining crew have what it take to battle the North Atlantic – and each other – for their next paycheck?

For Captain Paul Hebert, of Kelly Ann, fishing from behind is becoming all too familiar. He and his crew came home empty handed in the first three weeks of the season, and while they’ve caught two tuna over the last two weeks, the perennial underdog is still trailing the fleet. After 35 years of fishing for tuna, Paul knows that the only way to turn things around is to keep your lines in the water and keep pushing.

While looking for signs of life Paul spotted young newcomer Captain Paul Cheney, of fishing boat Drama, and welcomed him into the fold. Cheney is determined to make his mark in the North Atlantic, but soon finds out that’s no easy task.

Be sure to check out the leaderboard for rankings and to vote for your favorite captain. Take a look at this week’s after show. On Reel Talk, Captains Dave Marciano and Paul Hebert discuss what it’s like to be the underdog, while Dave Carraro discusses the increased competition from his rival’s recent triumphs.

Tune in to new episodes of Wicked Tuna, Sundays at 9/8c. This Sunday, on The Maine Event, it’s week seven of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna fishing season and when the bite is on up north in Maine waters, the Gloucester captains must decide whether to make a long steam to where the fish are biting or take their chances fishing inshore. Those who don’t strike far may just strike out.


  1. nancy
    May 12, 2015, 3:52 am

    Instead of “Pin Wheel”, Tyler ought to be Pin Head…