Rocking the Cabin on Building Wild: Marble Getaway

This week on Building Wild, The Cabin Kings face a particularly heavy challenge, building their first marble cabin. In Dorset, Vermont, once one of the largest producers of marble, the team is working with Danielle Epstein to give her a unique space. Danielle owns a marble quarry that was abandoned 100 years ago, but still holds plenty of marble pieces that could be incorporated into a build. Identifying, sorting, and inventorying the stones is the easy part of the task. Moving the gigantic slabs that can weigh as much as 14,000 pounds is the real challenge. However, there is nothing Tuffy loves more than putting his excavator to work and showing off his moves.

The plan is to use about a dozen slabs of marble to erect the outer structure of the building, leaving space for a door and then framing it with wood so that they can construct walls and windows. Finally the building will have a flat roof, a design that should make the cabin look like a more subtle component of the landscape surrounding it.

Moving the stones takes time and a great deal of finesse. After watching the first cornerstone being set, everyone is wondering how the Cabin Kings are going to manage to complete this incredibly ambitious build in only five days. All the same, Danielle continues to have new ideas for add-ons. She wants more than a cabin; she wants a space where visitors can enjoy the surrounding beauty of the quarry. Paulie is the go-to guy for extras, but he isn’t sure there is enough time.

The first extra is Tuffy’s idea. He wants to make a gimbal door, a swinging door out of a piece of stone. They set up the doorway, find the door and prepare to set it only to have Danielle change her mind. She likes the idea, but doesn’t want the view blocked. Then she says the magic words, she “hates” it. Tuffy is not happy that he’s spent four hours on a project that was a waste of time. His idea will come in handy later, however.

Tuffy and Danielle take a road trip with a marble slab destined to be an outdoor table. At a working quarry, they have it cut professionally with diamond-wire saw. Tuffy watches amazed as the saw cuts through the marble as if were a warm knife through butter, creating a perfectly smooth table top. Meanwhile, all of the stones are in place on the cabin and Paulie has the crew builds a frame on top of the stone. It requires a little masonry work to line everything up, but by the time Tuffy and Danielle return the roof is on and the build is ready for walls.

On Day Four, the project is getting close to being finished and as is their custom, the Cabin Kings send Danielle off the site. Paulie has been working on an outdoor marble “sofa” and thinks Paulie could put his gimbal idea to work. Engineering this “little” project and bringing it to fruition seems like asking too much at the last minute, but it’s the sort of challenge Tuffy thrives on.

When Danielle arrives for the reveal, she is not disappointed. The outdoor space is perfect for entertaining. The entire area is landscaped and features a marble fire pit, an amphitheater built with more than 5,000 tons of rock and the completed spinning sofa. The crew has even created some homemade musical instruments.

Inside the cabin Danielle finds what she feels is a perfect rustic stone cabin filled with all the signature touches the Cabin Kings are known for adding. Even Tuffy has to agree that she made the right decision choosing to scratch the gimbal door for the windows and the view. Everyone has to admit that it is one of the most unique builds they have ever done and will probably never have an opportunity to do a build quite it like again.


Tune in next week on Tuesday, March 24 at 9/8C  to find out what the Cabin Kings are building next on Building Wild: Hilltop Hanger.


  1. Sheila Spencer
    United States
    April 10, 2015, 11:54 am

    I keep trying to watch the little venues of the show but all I get are commercials over and over. Relation is not my thing, sorry I’m loosing interest now.