Covert Ops: 5 Things You Missed On Ultimate Survival Alaska

After nine grueling legs of survival, the four teams of Ultimate Survival Alaska are headed toward the coast of Afognak Island. In the tenth stretch of the competition, the teams must reach the LZ by land or by sea.


Over land, teams can climb a desolate peak or brave bear country in the lowlands, while the ocean route promises strong tidal currents in the 37-mile trip to the extraction point.

After snapping a four-way tie in leg nine, Team Endurance is in the lead with only four legs to go. Who will conquer this week’s challenge?

1. Team Military

After the competitors are dropped on a remote beach, Military arrives at the insertion flag first. Faced with a cache of sea kayaks, the team passes, believing a trip across the ocean comes with too many unknowns. Instead, they plan to do what they do best: take a direct route overland. Looking at the map, they see the fastest way to the LZ is over a high peak. But while charging up the mountain, exhaustion sets in fast.


Team Military reaches the top, but there’s a problem. The team is out of water, and high in the alpine, there’s no water source for miles, save for some dirty moss. Desperate for hydration, the team pushes across the mountains.


2. Team Lower 48

The duo of Cluck and Kasha, thriving since Sweeney’s departure, reach the flag and head for the sea kayaks. With Cluck, a professional kayaker, on the team, they know these vessels give them the best advantage.


The sea also provides them with the opportunity to harvest a bountiful ocean feast. Before long, the team catches enough food to fuel them to the finish line. But the ocean is teeming with more wildlife than they can handle. Exhausted from paddling, they become engulfed in a giant pod of humpback whales.


3. Team Endurance

Coming off their win in leg nine, the Endurance team is on a roll, despite the fact that Dallas lost all his gear. But now, they face an even more formidable problem: Ben has the flu. Nine grueling legs of the Alaskan expedition have taken their toll.


Deciding a lowland overland route will be the easiest on their ailing teammate, they head deep into the forest, straight through the heart of bear country. Ben tries to push through his illness, but as the hours pass, he lags farther and farther behind.


Sick to his stomach and nearly immobilized, it’s up to Dallas and Lel to drag their sick teammate to the LZ before they miss the extraction cutoff.

4. Team Alaskans

The Alaskans arrive at the insertion flag and choose two sea kayaks: one double and one single. They load up in their vessels and head out into the open ocean. Taking advantage of all the sea has to offer, Marty pulls in a 30-pound halibut, and the team eats well on night one.


The ocean route appears to be the sure bet, until a trip through violent rapids sends Tyler in over his head.



5. And the winner is…

As the four teams hustle to the finish line, the Alaskans edge past Lower 48, despite Cluck’s excellent paddling skills…


…while Ben hits his breaking point.



But in the end, it’s Team Military that comes away with their third long-awaited win, tying Endurance for first place.


But with three legs left, and the final leg counting for double points, every team still has a shot at the title of Ultimate Alaskan Survivor.

Which team will win next? Don’t forget to make your predictions for each leg of the competition on our Survival Competition Tracker.



  1. susan steeves
    charlotte north carolina
    March 2, 2015, 10:47 am

    kasha and kluck make an awesome duo without that other weird guy. i think they will give the military a run for there money altho they are all hot guys. good luck to all. i love the show Alaska is awesome.

    Allen, Michigan
    March 2, 2015, 1:23 pm

    I love this show, and I have so much admiration and respect for these individuals. They have had an amazing journey, and the views have been beautiful. I have to say though that I hope Lower 48 win’s just because there is only 2 of them left, and they have done a wonderful job with Sweeney gone, but I really don’t care who wins….because I think they all are winners.

  3. Ryan Hail
    March 2, 2015, 1:25 pm

    Woo woot for team military! Those guys are a huge inspiration for me! True hero’s and true survivors indeed!

  4. Viree Cabral
    Redding, CA
    March 2, 2015, 2:43 pm

    The bear was scary, he was too curious for a moment. And the humpback whale pod was really scary, I let out a little scream, scared my husband. I was hoping that they wouldn’t tip Kasha over….LOL…. I really felt sorry for Ben, but are they sure it’s the flu? Did someone check for a parasite? My daughter and her husband did get a parasite when they went through the jungle in Costa Rica. It was like the flu. Despite the most careful precautions, they got it anyway and they are seasoned travelers…. I love this show. it’s going to fast, but at least it’s not boring. The next leg looks beyond scary… I’m going to buy my son the videos he doesn’t get the channel…

  5. Ed Parks
    eastern nc
    March 2, 2015, 2:52 pm

    I glad Sweeney left, what a dick. It has helped lower 48. I personally am pulling for military, way to go. That said, who ever wins had to work for it. I wish all teams good luck.

  6. Lisa jane scates
    United States
    March 2, 2015, 3:04 pm

    Miltary !!!
    Way to go boys. Glad to
    See you boys finally starting
    To come together as a unit
    Playing on all of your training
    Get some