Would You Rather: Only A Few Hours Left to Vote!

Tired of not having enough control over your cable? Have you ever wanted to choose the programming you watch on TV? Well, now you can! Nat Geo WILD is letting you pick your entire evening of Wednesday night prime-time programming for the month of February—because let’s face it—we could all use a Wednesday-night pick-me-up! So cast your vote—you’re in the drivers seat! This week’s Would You Rather matchup is…

Wednesday February 11, 2015: TINY vs. BIG

Would You Rather watch a night of killer shrimp, hummingbirds and snow babies or a night of whales, apes, and giant pandas? You decide. Vote at www.WILDwouldyourather.com or by using the #WILDTiny or #WILDBig hashtag on facebook & twitter. 

Let’s Talk Tiny. Vote #WILDTiny

These creatures may be small, but they are no small contestant when it comes to survival. First up, Killer Shrimp, a ninja-like sea creature that packs a big punch with it’s bullet-fast claw. Up next, witness the acrobats of the skies—the Hummingbird—flutter through this incredible film with one-of-a-kind footage of these astounding flying jewels. And last but not least, Snow Babies, an extraordinary documentary cataloging the journey of survival for babies penguins, arctic foxes, and polar bears’ first winter.

Need something a little bigger? Vote #WILDBig

If size matters in your animal kingdom, then this whale-of-a-tale is perfect for you! On Attack of the Killer Whales, it’s a clash of gigantic titans of the sea. Gray, humpback, and killer whales go head-to-head at the Unimak Pass during their 6,000 mile migration to the icy arctic seas. Next, deep in the jungles of Africa, our closest cousinschimpanzees and gorillas—are living our epic and startlingly human dramas on Kingdom of the Apes. And, at last, an amazing tale of a species’ rebirth—the giant panda. Learn about the amazing steps being taken to replenish the giant panda population in Western China on Giant Pandas.

So, Would You Rather watch a night of tiny, agile, and cute critters or giant, powerful beasts? You decide. Vote at www.WILDwouldyourather.com or by using the #WILDTiny or #WILDBig hashtag on facebook & twitter. 


  1. Marie Morrow
    New York
    February 11, 2015, 4:44 pm

    Will miss Alaska State Troopers. Sorry it’s going off the air.

  2. jevane
    February 21, 2015, 3:26 pm

    pandas go

  3. tia robideau
    October 31, 2015, 2:43 pm

    I would like to save wild pandas

  4. Karen Miller
    United States
    March 30, 11:01 pm

    I like the one with the horse with car. I’m also happy that no one was hurt