Rule Your World: The Power of Fun

Behavior expert Daniel Pink is showing us how to use diabolical psychology for the greater good in this weekly video series, “Rule Your World.”

No matter what you do for a living you’re selling all the time. Your product, your service, your idea… yourself. So how can you do it better? Well, we’ve got a secret recipe. It combines a little social science, a little beef jerky, and two key principles:

The Power of Reciprocity and Rhyme

See how you can apply the findings from the beef jerky experiment and apply them to your daily life in the latest installment of Rule Your World: Money:

Now that’s one way to alter active behavior, but what about the behaviors we’re not even thinking about? A lot of the things we do every day are what scientists call default behaviors. Humans are creatures of habit–we do things on auto-pilot because that’s how we always do them. So when faced with the choice of either climbing a flight of stairs or riding up on the escalator, many people don’t hesitate to take the route always traveled.

In this experiment, we’re leveraging our next power:

The Power of Fun

We set out to make people think twice before running on auto-pilot, and what we discovered is that the best way to change people’s behavior is not by wagging your finger at them, but introducing a little fun. See how in this installment of Rule Your World: Feet First: