Southern Discomfort

When another Northern boat comes steaming into the Outer Banks, the Southerners fear a full-scale invasion of the fishery. While some take drastic action to send a warning to their new rivals, others double down on their efforts to start bringing in Bluefin and guarantee their own fair share of the quota.

For Tyler McLaughlin and his new co-captain Paul Hebert, taking the Pin Wheel down to the Outer Banks is a chance to make up for the terrible season they suffered through in Gloucester. But their first encounter with the locals doesn’t go so well—unless shots fired across the bow are just some kind of Southern greeting.

Meanwhile, Dave Marciano and his mate Jay Meunzner are fighting their own battle against the natural dangers of the ever-changing Oregon Inlet and the confounding mechanics of their Bandit reel. Their struggles keep them plenty occupied, but it doesn’t help put any fish on their deck.

They also get no help whatsoever from front runners Reed and Banks Meredith of the Wahoo, who are too busy smack-talking the Northerners to keep up their narrow lead. This leaves things open for Captain Greg Mayer of the Fishin’ Frenzy, and his trigger- happy first mate Nick, to even the odds a little as they bring in their second big catch of the season.

Doing their best to stay above the fighting and rivalries, Britton Shackelford of the Doghouse and his recently hired mate Caine Livesay just want to get on the board. If Caine can’t bring in a Bluefin, Britton may just decide he’s not worth the trouble and start looking for a new mate.

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  1. Joe Hayes
    Ohio USA
    August 26, 2014, 7:26 pm

    I do not like this show of Wicked Tuna North VS the South. I seen today that you are showing it’s ok to shoot towards other boats or drinking Moonshine what’s next smoking Marijuana and doing Crack Cocaine. I say just because it may be on International Waters it still falls under maritime international jurisdiction Laws on the boat, it would still be under the laws of the nation in which the boat or ship is registered in this case USA. So your showing people that it is ok to shoot at people on a boat and drinking still it is considered to be a BUI. Most Charters don’t allow Drinking of Liquor on their boats.. You say on a commercial with Dave keep our oceans healthy but your video tapping these guys shooting bottles out there so I ask what is Healthy about that….? I sure wished I was on the ocean when these guys are shooting towards me because I would be in all rights to use any means necessary to defend myself. Anytime someone points a weapon or shoots towards you is considered Life Threatening. I’m not happy the way you’re going with your show and keeping the oceans clean of trash.

  2. Paul Gruber
    New York
    August 31, 2014, 8:20 pm

    I have been fishing offshore for over 40 years and have worked on boats (including captain), mostly on Log Island but also in North Carolina and have never (thank God) witnessed such asinine behavior as shown on North vs, South. Whether you call them “sportsman” or “commercial fisherman” the actions of these guys in despicable. Marcaino is the only guy who looks in control yet her seems totally out of his element in these southern waters due to what appears to be a lack of preparation.

  3. Texas fisherman
    Texas coast
    September 2, 2014, 11:46 pm

    I liked watching these guys catch fish. You and your stupid show have turned me off and I will no longer watch this show. I find it discussting that fishermen would stoop so low to make your stupid show. Did you pay them good?

  4. Richard E Smith
    United States
    September 3, 2014, 1:42 pm

    why is it that you have to bleep out four letter profanity words but cast crew can be heard taking our LORDS NAME IN VAIN if you have to bleep out everything else why not that do like the show good luck to marcaino

  5. John
    Jacksonville, IL
    September 21, 2014, 11:16 am

    I’ve been watching the North vs South and Feel for Paul. He has nearly 30 years experience and the PinHead he is with thinks he knows more than him. Paul has more years working than The Pinhead has been alive but he wants to make people believe he is experienced. If your experienced you sure don’t know much. Its one thing to bring in a fish but keeping your crew safe and people wanting to work with you is another that you think you know but clearly showing that you don’t know. You complain and want to stay out in weather that an Experienced Person would never go out in and put people’s lives in danger. Why have you had to get new mates every time you turn around. Its because you are inexperienced and people know it. Your cocky and safety has no place for that behavior. You think you know everything but you don’t know half of what you think you know. You will be lucky if no ones dies while
    under your thumb. When the weather gets bad you wrap your boat up with the Green Stick line and have to cut it. How smart is that. Your lucky you didn’t get the line warped around your prop. Paul is going to be lucky he makes it home with your attitude. You need to step back and learn some more about safety before you get everyone on your boat killed which will only be 2 people. Because you rub everyone the wrong way. A person who is experienced doesn’t have to prove anything! You better wise up and start treating people with respect and get off that high horse and the stick up your ass that you have. You already have that Captain you squirted with water pissed and hating you. You call that experienced, that is immaturity. Your a punk and as long as you close your eyes and mind to what is really going on around you your going to stay a punk. You don’t know everything or you’d be rich and not on this show. You better learn safety or someday your going to end up hurt bad or dead & have others lives on your conscious for having killed them. It doesn’t take much to get people killed in water!