Meet the Preppers From “You Said it Was Non-Lethal”

Tonight on Doomsday Preppers, meet three preppers who plan to utilize natural resources to survive the disasters they fear.

Rick Austin Rick and his wife Jane moved from their suburban Florida home to the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. Rick is preparing for the destruction of America’s power grid by an EMP. He hosts a popular radio show and is well known web personality in the prepper community. In the last four years, Rick has turned his 53 acres of land into a prepper compound. Rick’s preps are centered around his secret garden, where food is grown in a circular system. The garden is camouflaged and can provide Rick and his wife with food indefinitely. He and his wife have countless amounts of livestock, bees, a year supply of food, and a stockpile of weapons. To protect himself from potential invaders, Rick creates pepper spray from hot peppers he grows in his garden. Rick runs his house on solar power and lives a completely self-sustainable lifestyle.

Jim LebusJim Lebus lives alone in urban LA. Jim is preparing for anarchy following a major earthquake. Jim claims that growing up in a family of stunt actors has prepared him for life as a prepper. In the days following a disaster, Jim will bug out to a tree he has designed for such occasions. The tree is stocked with enough food, water and supplies to last him 2-3 days. Jim’s primary bug out spot is his home, which he has been heavily fortified. He has a 5-month supply of MREs, multiple water purification systems, multiple weapons including a paintball gun that fires incendiary rounds, and several cross bows. Jim is motivated to survive any situation no matter what it takes. He will do whatever it takes and is constantly planning bug out scenarios, although he prefers to keep his prepping lifestyle hidden from his family and friends.

Jack Houston16-year-old Jack Houston is not your average teenager. He is a young prepper living in Alexandria, Virginia with his mother and younger brother. After finding his father dead from an unexpected heart attack, Jack began prepping to protect his family. He is now preparing for a massive hurricane or super storm that will force him and his family from their home. A Boy Scout and JROTC member, he has formed the ultimate teenage prepping group with friends he’s known since he was six years old. Jack and his group go camping regularly where they practice their survival skills. Jack is adept at trapping, fishing, hunting, fire starting, and plans to teach his family and friends the survival techniques they need to survive a disaster. Jack also runs a website and YouTube channel where he posts survival videos.

Tune in to Doomsday Preppers: You Said It Was Non-Lethal Tonight at 9P.


  1. Edwin C. Butler
    Lakeland ,Florida
    August 21, 2014, 9:18 pm

    My comment is to young Jack Houston , watching you tonight on TV I seen a major mistake you made when you are facing a Cat. 5 Hurricane where you put your tents that would be underwater ,and you would not catch fish in the spots you caught them before the Hurricane it would be flooded you would need to stay on high ground to survive it ,if you could ,here in Florida after the Hurricane passes we have to use Airboats and Swamp Buggies to get around ,and one more thing skin them frog legs and they taste really good .

  2. Paul E. Gates
    central new york state
    August 28, 2014, 8:47 pm

    after having served 12 yrs. in a branch of the us military and having seen every episode of your show the one catastrophe you and your preppers have missed and at this stag of unrest in the us is a second civil war and over throw of our corrupt government. Also remember the first places that will be hit and destroyed will be all major city. less than .250 of those city’s populations will live. and with all the crime and the peoples that are directly responsible Ie. blacks in general will automatically become targets to be killed. There for dramatically reducing the threat to our small and smaller rural towns. submit this to your so called experts.

  3. Kevin
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    August 30, 2014, 4:30 pm

    I enjoyed seeing some of the things Jim Lebus does, and I need to learn how to make the camera/door shocker gadget. It was a little surprising to see the permanganate/glycerin reaction on TV in these days of Homeland Security overkill, and thought they’d insist on keeping the ingredients “secret.” When I was a kid, I built volcanoes and homemade rocket motors and have known about that cool chemical reaction for many years and it’s easy to see why a prepper would like it since it has many applications…and it’s just plain fun!