Changing the Way You Think About the Way You Think

The new summer season of Brain Games is just days away, and viewers will be amazed as host Jason Silva reveals the surprising truths of our mind via interactive experiments supported by the latest research and technology. In honor of the new season, National Geographic Channel is partnering with one of the oldest centers of science education and development in the U.S. that is showcasing similar work as it relates to the mysteries and complexities of the brain.

The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia recently opened “Your Brain,” the nation’s largest permanent exhibit dedicated to the brain. From the moment you enter, stunning interactive technology will reveal many of the mind’s mysteries and demystify some of the complexities of the brain’s inner workings.

A team of scientific advisors from across the country developed 70 exhibit modules, many based on actual experiments, including:

Your Brain on technology – Visitors will fire neurons – signaled by bursts of white light – as they step, climb and jump through an elaborate 18-foot Neural Climb web structure, providing a new perspective on the dynamic connections happening inside your brain.

Is this the real world or is it fantasy? Challenge your perceptions in a world turned “upside down.” Angled rooms become the new normal and visitor’s senses are challenged through discordant music, distorted audio, blurred images, and missing colors.

What makes you afraid? Fear is “cued” walking under a precarious dangling piano, sitting on a chair waiting for “something” to happen while watching their heart rate rise, and through a movie scene making visitors feel happy, sad or anxious based upon various aural stimulations.

Illusion Town – A streetscape is filled with optical illusions and brain games where nothing is as it seems and you’re left questioning everything.

Would you erase your memory – even if just for a day – to avoid reliving a bad situation? Your Brain’s Ethics and the Future, guided by Brain Games’ very own Coren Apicella, challenges visitors to consider science’s impact on the world and our future.

To get you excited for the new season, The Franklin Institute even put together a special audio brain game of their own–check it out:

Learn more about “Your Brain,” The Franklin Institute’s newest exhibition, and don’t miss the new summer season of Brain Games this Monday, July 14th at 9P. 


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