Cats and Kids: the Fish Tank Kings’ Latest Customers

Tomorrow’s Fish Tank Kings shows the humanitarian side of Living Color.  Their two new sets of customers are the cats from North Shore Animal League America in New York and the students from Galaxy Elementary School in Florida.  Both places have admirable missions, and Living Color’s expertise is going to help them further their goals.

northshore animal shelter cat looking at tank of goldfish
One of Northshore’s cats admiring the new tank

North Shore Animal League America is the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world.  They have saved over 1,000,000 dogs and cats since their opening in 1944, and they show no sign of stopping.  In order to draw more attention to their cats, they hire Living Color to build a cat-friendly tank that will stimulate the furry felines and grab people’s attention so that they enter the cat room.  The excited cats will be more likely to engage with possible adopters, which increases the chances of someone taking home a new family pet.  Living Color has their work cut out for them!  They have to create a whimsical, cat-themed tank that will engage both the cats and the customers .

children from galaxy elementary in mangroves collecting sea animals
The children of Galaxy E3 gathering creatures for their aquarium

Galaxy E3 Elementary is devoted to educating children in energy, environmental sciences, and engineering.  They too want to engage their customers, the young scientists who walk through the interactive learning halls every day.  Living Color is tasked with bringing the beach to the children, many of whom have never been to the ocean.  They are going to create one more “science station”—sections of the school in which students learn with games and activities—for Galaxy that they hope will stimulate the kids into becoming the next Jacques Cousteau!  How exactly will they impress elementary school children who call for mermaids and giant sharks?

Watch Fish Tank Kings: Go Fish! on WILD Wednesday JUNE 11 at 10PM ET and find out!


  1. Walter Luiz Mauch
    January 4, 2015, 8:36 am

    Dear Sirs,
    come through this protest the show “Fish tank king”. It is horrible to see fish being removed from the natural habitat to be stuck in tank.Isto is the worst kind of depredation of the environment! Beyond pure ostentation and exhibitionism, the tanks prevent the reproduction of animals, limiting the lifespan of the species and show that the human being takes pleasure in torturing defenseless animals.
    Please suspend this horrible program.

  2. Stephanie
    January 12, 2015, 2:30 pm

    Walter you have no idea what your talking about… I bet you have pets same thing.. I bet you even eat meat or fish these people are giving the animals a chance to live unlike people who hunt for sport or for fur and hide or meat you have more of a problem there then here so please get your facts straight before you make an assumption. This is a great show with talented people I love fish and animals these animals are in a clean environment and there is nothing to be concerned about how long will they even last in the polluted oceans anyway you have a lot more to be cover bed about then a company who love there clients and work and animals just because it’s broadcasted on tv it has caught your attention? Open your eyes.