Grudge Matches and Catches on Wicked Tuna: Bad Blood

As the captains and crews of Wicked Tuna start their 12th week, the biggest bluefin tuna of the season finally arrive. With the opportunity to get big paychecks on the deck, the competition heats up and old grudges are renewed. No one has forgotten slights and jabs and as the fish bite, the Captains take the opportunity to rub salt in old wounds.

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened in this episode.

Ralph on the Odysea looks less than thrilled to see the Pin Wheel next to him in the water. Last season, Tyler started a shoving match by hitting Ralph with a water balloon. No one has let the grudge go yet, either. Ralph threatens to ram the Pin Wheel and once again the water balloon fight is on. Tyler is all antics and no fish, however. After one more dry week, he’s still sitting at the bottom of the board.


On the Hot Tuna, TJ and Tim Ott spot the Pin Wheel anchored nearby. TJ, who used be Tyler’s captain is enjoying his protege’s fall from glory. He knows well what it’s like to have a season that ends solidly in the red. If Tyler has a season like that, maybe it will take the wind out of sails and end some of the trash talking. In the end, the Hot Tuna pulls up a beautiful fish and is happy to gloat in front of Tyler. Their 298 pound fish brings in $20/lb. for $5,960. Even the dog thinks it’s a tasty catch.


Captain Marciano on the Hard Merchandise is heading back out to Georges Bank to take another run at rising up the board. Even though it’s a huge expense, Marciano is betting on the possibilities of big fish.  Second day out, however, they are still waiting. Once they finally hook one however, it seems to be worth the wait. The fish is a moose! Jay and Marciano immediately head back to get the best price they can for the biggest fish they’ve caught this season. The fish has a dressed weight of 549 pounds and sells for $25/lb. for a total of $13,725 and definitely worth the trip.


Paulie on the Miss Sambvca hasn’t forgotten the grudge he has with Dave on It is still fresh on Paul’s mind that Dave kicked him off his boat last season and now that he has a boat of his own, he definitely has something to prove. He is certain he is as good of a fisherman as Dave and is ready to show it. The first fish they hook up is in rough water.

At the same time Paul is hooked up, the snags a fish nearby as well. But the fish runs straight for some lobster pots, and the crew worries that the line will cut on the gear… and it does. The Dot.Com is left watching Paul working on bringing in his catch and waiting for their next bite.

Doused with water and fighting their fish in the rise and fall of the waves is no easy feat. The longer you fight a fish, the worse your chances of catching them, however, and they’ve been on the fish for nearly three hours. As the watches at the four hour mark, Miss Sambvca finally lands their fish. After ribbing Dave on the about their haul, they pull it up on deck. The fish was definitely worth the fight, weighing in at 706 pounds dressed, it nets them $18/lb. for a total of $12,708, but catching it in front of Tricky Dave is priceless.312_MissSFish

However, the isn’t done. Dave hooks up and pulls in a nice fish weighing 297 pounds that brings in $22/lb. for a total of $6,534. So at least they don’t go home empty handed or without a pay day. It doesn’t look like the’s winning streak is going to be over any time soon.


At the end of the week, the Hard Merchandise has moved its way up to second place, with Miss Sambvca pulling out of last place to leave Pin Wheel sinking to the bottom of the board. Catch the captains discussing the episode last night on Reel Talk: Episode 3.

Tune in next week to Wicked Tuna: Sharks and Recreation on Sunday May 25 at 9PM et/pt  and find out if Tyler finds his humility and if the can hold their lead.