George Washington’s Lost Camp Mystery Item Revealed

223_5This week’s mystery item was a solid find. An item that helped identify the location of Bear Camp, a long lost camp used by George Washington, British War General Edward Braddock, and over 2,000 soldiers during the French and Indian War.

223_2Along Braddock’s Road, the Diggers crew unearthed an Early American bayonet clip. The bayonet clips of that time period were often made by local blacksmiths, so no two are exactly alike. This extraordinary find along with the discovery of a first model Brown Bess, a musket that was the standard issue in the British Army for most of the 1700s, set KG & Ringy’s passion for historical diggin’ a-flame. Here’s to filling in another page in the history book!

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  1. darren
    May 23, 2014, 8:15 pm

    My 4 yo & I have been big fans of your show. I hope this gets to Tim Saylor. My boy recently got his 1st detector. He even calls me Ring & himself K.G. What I’ve always liked is the true reality of it. Never finding pots o gold or expensive jewels ,like on other lame shows. Though your celebratory antics are elementary @ best. Then we were crushed. On your Abraham Lincoln penny competition I totally busted you. Ringy was narrating his find of an old wheat penny. He slowly says, with music playing ,”I see the roundness” etc. Claiming I think it was a 1917 Wheaties. I slowed the scene down very much , & I could barely make out it was a memorial reverse side, but very definitively u could make it out. He was right at his hole in real time. Totally staged, fake scene. So now my opinion is the same as for Eric Savage and all the rest. It may sound trivial or minor compared to other shows, but a lie is a lie. I told and paused scene for my boy , because I always want the truth 4 him. I don’t think K.G. even knew your antics of putting your own coins etc. into scene. Also K.G. in early episodes didn’t act as stupid as you when a find was made.I hope u haven’t pulled him into your b.s. I am now a former fan , & everyone around me and all I can reach on internet will know the truth as well. One stupid move loses K’s of fans. I’m sure I am not alone -tewl….