Out on The Hill of Death


What do “The Hill of Death”, the banks of the Big Black River and the hills just outside of Vicksburg have in common? They’re serious nectar sectors full of  Civil War finds from one of the country’s bloodiest hours. With the help of Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryant, the Diggers crew set off on their tour of Vicksburg to dig up some history on the National Battlefield.

Vicksburg, Mississippi was one of the key Civil War sites, a city under siege from May 18 to July 4, 1863. An impressive standoff that lasted 47-days. It’s main objective:  to gain control of the fundamental vein, a critical waterway, The Mississippi River, in hopes of dividing the Confederacy in two along the opposing shorelines. It was Civil War Union General Ulysses S. Grant’s attempt to severe the lines of the communication and vital supply route for the surrounding communities.

Here out among the hills, KG and Ringy find an incredible Civil War item they’ve been searching for their entire careers.

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  1. James Hughes
    April 11, 2014, 10:15 pm

    I find this show very difficult to watch. It would probably be very interesting if the two main characters did not act like five year old idiots. its hard to get interested in the history and relevance of their finds when they are screaming and flopping around on the ground. They talk like idiots as well. This could be really educational instead it comes across as fake.