Tiny Pets, Enormous Cuteness: World’s Smallest Pets

Big and small, spiky or hairy, hoofs or paws – our pets come in all shapes and sizes. But what’s life like when your animal friend is the size of your palm? Tonight, World’s Smallest Pets takes a look at pint-sized pets and their owners who care for their not-so-tiny needs.

Among the pets we meet is Pip, a tiny rescue hedgehog small enough to fit in a coffee cup.


We also meet Einstein, a miniature horse that’s smaller than your average toddler. Einstein is only twenty inches high and weighs 85 pounds, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in his energy.  He’s a local celebrity, the star of a popular picture book about his life


Einstein is also extraordinarily well-behaved, his two loving caretakers training him to behave like a normal house pet. He runs around the house, eats from a bowl and snuggles on the couch with his owners, just like your average dog.


No show about small pets would be complete without itty-bitty dogs. Lucy, a two-and-a-half pound Yorkshire Terrier, is a therapy dog who charms patients at a local hospital and holds the world record for “smallest working dog.” With daily grooming routines, extensive training and numerous public appearances, Lucy has a lot going on for her tiny size to handle.


Finally, we’ll meet Huckleberry Finn, a 10 pound miniature pig pounding the San Francisco pavement with his owner. Together, they go shopping at the farmers’ market, run errands and enjoy the San Francisco scenery.


Meet these tiny friends and more tonight on World’s Smallest Pets tonight at 10P.


  1. Kim
    April 6, 2014, 1:20 am

    Loved the show, but the racy 1-800 number ad was totally inappropriate and disappointing. I won’t be watching again. 🙁