Catching Up With Cesar 911: Family Feud

On Cesar 911, Cesar Millan returns to tackle the hardest canine cases of his career, helping desperate dog owners by retraining their problem pups. On the series premiere, badly behaving dogs threaten the bonds of families and friendships. It’s up to Cesar to cure these misbehaving pets – and owners.

Dog #1: Misty

The Challenge

For Cesar’s first case of the season, Debi calls him to the rescue, worried about her friend Alyssa’s pup Misty. Alyssa’s family adopted Misty as a puppy, looking for a friendly pal to play with her kids. But as she got older, Misty turned hostile and erratic – the opposite of kid-friendly.



A true animal lover, Alyssa grew up on a farm, surrounded by animals. However, she’s losing control of Misty, whose hostile behavior is driving away Alyssa, distressing the family’s young children –and creating a rift between Alyssa and Debi. Three trainers in, Misty’s behavior isn’t changing, Debi wants Alyssa to put the dog down. Cesar is the dog’s last hope.

Bad Misty
The Diagnosis

To gauge the extent of Misty’s bad behavior, Cesar and Debi ambush Alyssa mid-walk, as she’s struggling to control Misty’s jumping and barking. Frustrated by Misty’s attacks on her kids and family, Alyssa is driven to grateful tears when she sees Cesar. She’s out of options with Misty, even considering Debi’s suggestions to put Misty to sleep, and knows that Cesar is her pet’s best chance for rehabilitation.

Cesar And Alyssa

To test her personality, Cesar introduces Misty to Junior, his own personal dog. Instead of barking and attacking him, Misty shies away. This shows Cesar that Misty isn’t violent after all, her bad behavior coming from her insecurity. Cesar notices Alyssa’s lack of assertiveness when she handles Misty, furthering his suspicion that her dog has some confidence problems.

Misty and Junior

The Treatment

After solving the mystery of Misty’s bad behavior, it’s Cesar’s job to bring out her confidence. He takes her to his training center to socialize her with other dogs and rekindle her pack mentality. At first, Misty cowards in the corner and avoids the other dogs, but with training, Cesar teaches her to respond to the human touch, behaving obediently instead of lashing out.

But the true test of Misty’s retraining is how she behaves around her family. Cesar invites them to spend some time with Misty in the training center, unsure of how she’ll respond. Luckily, Misty’s behavior has totally transformed.

Hold My Paws

Docile and relaxed, Misty lets her family pet her and hold her paws. And after a few more days with Cesar, she returns home a new dog, hopping into the car with ease and even letting Alyssa’s kids carry her.

Dog #2: Auggie

The Challenge

After his success story with Misty, Cesar meets with his next clients, a couple living in fear of a family member’s misbehaving pet. Brad and Jamie were excited when Brad’s sister Nicole moved across the street, but her dog Auggie terrorizes Brad’s beloved pups Kimo and Sophie. Seized with fits of blind rage, Auggie’s out-of-control behavior has strained the families’ relationship.

Bad Auggie

When Cesar takes Brad and his dogs to meet up Auggie and his owners, it’s disastrous from the start as Auggie and Kimo lunge at each other. Nicole, who spends nearly all her time with her dog, thinks Kimo is the instigator, while Brad is convinced that Nicole’s anxiety drives Auggie’s manic behavior. Turns out, Cesar has two dogs to retrain, not just one.

Auggie And Kimo

The Diagnosis

Cesar’s first task is taking care of Kimo’s instigating behaviors, teaching him to respect boundaries by petting Auggie while keeping Kimo at arm’s length. After Kimo behaves calmly, it’s time for Cesar to move on to the real problem: Auggie. Sure enough, when Cesar brings in his own dog Junior to gauge Auggie’s reaction, it’s a disaster – Auggie lunges and nips his owner Matt’s leg.

He Bit Me

To crack the secret behind Auggie’s frantic behavior, Cesar observes how he behaves with Nicole, who watches over Auggie in every spare minute she has. Cesar quickly identifies Nicole as a neurotic owner, whose overprotectiveness and tense handling causes Auggie to flip out.

The Treatment

To strengthen Nicole’s trust in Auggie, he takes them on a trip to the dog park. Nicole stands stressing on the outskirts, afraid that Auggie will lash out. But to her surprise, Auggie plays well with his new friends, running around and socializing like a normal dog.

Dog Park Play

To further help Nicole understand Auggie’s behavior, Cesar asks her to walk with him in the dog park, keeping him off the leash while staying calm. Auggie walks beside her, well-behaved as can be. For Auggie to stay friendly and play well with Kimo and Sophie, it’s up to Nicole to trust her dog and prevent Auggie’s bad habits from returning.

Nicole Walking Auggie

Want more Cesar? Tune into the next episode of Cesar 911 Fridays at 9P.


  1. chris Ladd
    Enfield ct
    March 12, 2014, 10:10 pm

    I think Cesar is an amazing person. His respect for nature dog and people is heart warming. He helps families not just animal’s. His actions and mannerisms are something all of us as people should follow. What a great human being

  2. Jackie Henry
    Detroit MI
    March 14, 2014, 8:07 pm

    I love watching Caesar work his magic on all dogs and am happy to see him working in his element again!

  3. Zoe Rogers
    Denver Colorado
    March 25, 2014, 11:11 pm

    Hi I am Zoe and I have two female Chihuahuas. They have started fighting alot and I was wondering how can I stop them from doing this any longer.

  4. Jodie
    Virginia USA
    July 6, 2014, 10:49 am

    I have an LGD (livestock guardian dog), pureblood Bulgarian Karakachan breed. I got her at 8 weeks of age and she is now almost 16 months. (She has bonded with a small herd of large Nubian dairy goats and an assortment of fowl plus a 5 yr old pureblood labradore.)

    I am having problems getting her nails trimmed; and my attempts to get her to lay down are not successful in that she whines as though she is in pain when I try to get her on her side. (I recently had her checked out by local vet and all was good except that she was underweight by about 20 lbs. It is a very hot summer and my other dog…plus myself…are not eating much either…only wanting something cold. This Karakachan has a kiddie pool she enjoys during heated spells.)

    Any suggestions as to how to get her nails trimmed? (I cannot afford to have a groomer do them.)

  5. niko
    July 27, 2014, 7:52 pm

    Puede por favor alguien decirme que Raza o que mezcla es la perra MIsty ? por favor tengo una perra igual y me gustaría mucho saber. 😀 gracias

  6. sharon wyatt
    paso robles, ca
    January 30, 2015, 1:16 pm

    I watch reruns of dog whisperer on natgeowild every day. I would like to know why his new show Cesar 911 is not being broadcast in the USA?