Watch: Dynamo The Magician Transports A Phone Into A Bottle

In Dynamo: Magician Impossible, the award-winning British illusionist Dynamo demonstrates his mind-boggling brand of magic. Having made his name as a magician in Europe, Dynamo travels around the world, sharing his tricks with unsuspecting onlookers.

In this clip from tonight’s episode, Dynamo is back on his home turf in London, entertaining fans with his mind-boggling tricks. Here, he’s showing them a classic – his impossible stunt of fitting an iPhone in a glass bottle and pulling it out without breaking either.

Watch Dynamo work his magic in two new episodes of Dynamo: Magician Impossible tonight at 7 and 7:30P.

How exactly does Dynamo pull off his phone-in-a-bottle trick? Check it out:


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