Digging Up The Tech World’s Most Coveted Relic

After 30 years locked away in a time capsule, on the season premiere the Diggers crew uncover one of the tech world’s most priceless relics. Thought to be lost forever, the time capsule that was buried at the 1983 “The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be” International Design Conference has resurfaced. Although the large capsule was packed with dozens upon dozens of other items—a Vogue magazine cover, a Rubik’s Cube, early 80’s artifacts, a six pack of beer, etc., the time capsule that enveloped an entire conference eventually became known as the “Steve Jobs Time Capsule” due to one stand-out item that was the precursor (pun intended) of computer technology.

The mouse from the capsule is the ‘Lisa’ mouse from Jobs’ first personal computer. Steve Jobs used the mouse during the Conference to deliver his foresight on technologies of the future such as the hand-held technology like the iPad, e-commerce platforms such as the App Store, and Wireless Networking. The capsule was originally intended to resurface in 2000, but the Conference of the future unfortunately went out of business and with it—the time capsule’s location.

The time tube remained locked underground for three decades until KG and Ringy jumped on the case. After tracking down several members of the time capsule committee from 1983, the Diggers crew traject the time capsule’s survey coordinates. The KG and Ringy land tech-juice on Diggers: Steve Jobs Time Capsule. Along with the help of the Aspen Historical Society, these pieces of history will finally return to the surface for all to see.

Catch KG and Ringy digging up Steve Job’s ‘Lisa’ 
Watch Steve Jobs’ Full 1983 International Design Conference Presentation via EverySteveJobsVideo


  1. Colleen M.
    February 13, 2014, 3:43 pm

    That’s ridiculous! the world was supposed to be flying around in cars and have ant gravity boots on by now! haha. the most advanced thing around is the mouse, huh?