The Science of Hollywood Car Chases

Hollywood car chases and explosions – you can’t have one without the other. In every epic action-movie chase, a car (or eight) will probably burst into flames.

So how do the special effects pros pull off these huge stunts? On an all-new None of the Above, which takes science to the streets to solve real-life conundrums, host Tim Shaw conducts a highly combustible experiment to explode a car.

Tim’s task, with the help of flames, cars and guns, is to create the largest car-chase explosion possible. In the movies, these fiery explosions often look alike, with pluming fireballs enveloping the car. Tim and his helpers have a hunch that shooting the car’s gas tank creates these epic flames

Will shooting at the car’s tires or gas tank create the biggest bang? Or will launching fireworks or spray cans do the trick?

Watch Tim solve the mystery below – and don’t miss the full episode of None Of The Above on Monday at 9:30P.: