Catching up with Building Wild: Moveable Beast Recap

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In Fayville, Vermont on 1,100 acres of spectacular, but brutal, terrain Paulie DiMeo and Pat “Tuffy” Bakaitis, co-owners of the Cabin Kings are Building Wild, for an ex-Navy SEAL and his best friend. Paulie wants to give these guys whatever they want. However, what they want is multiple cabins on their property. Tuffy, always the voice of reason is already shaking his head. He doesn’t even have to look at the property to know that this isn’t going to be a possibility. They will be lucky to finish one cabin on their time and money budget. Fortunately, Paulie is a mad genius at problem-solving and making clients happy.

Brendan Rogers, who spent several years deployed around the world as a member of Navy SEAL Team Six and his best friend John Fitchhorn have grand plans for the property. They take The Cabin Kings on a tour of the land in a 1963 M35, a gigantic all-purpose vehicle that is aptly nicknamed “The Beast”. It’s six-wheel-drive and all business. Paulie is in love with this piece of machinery, but lukewarm about the possibilities for the multiple build sites the clients show them. He has to concede to Tuffy’s assertion that it just isn’t possible to build five or six cabins.

Paulie pulls Tuffy aside to strategize and offers a solution. What if they focus on one build site and use The Beast as the platform for a mobile cabin? Not only could they make it a cabin on wheels, but they could build it fit right up against the new cabin, making it two buildings in one. The clients are wary, but agree to the unusual solution. (See! A truck that’s a cabin! Check it out!)

On day two, Brendan and John bring in a team to build the road to the cabin site. (In order to keep costs down, the client provides the labor and some materials.) While the road is being cut and the gravel laid, The Cabin Kings are working on the foundation. They need to dig 14 holes for the concrete piers that are the base of the camp. The only problem is all the boulders. Oh, and that the guys working on the road flip the excavator in the gravel pit. Staying schedule is looking pretty bleak. Fortunately, Tuffy is a bit of a mad genius as well and his “mountain mixer” invention gets them back on track.

On day three, Paulie and Tuffy get to work on the deck. On day four, with the deck complete, they bring up The Beast. Using some fancy maneuvering and creating plenty of stress, (It only weighs six tons. It’s not like it will knock the building down or anything.) Brendan backs The Beast up to the deck to start phase two.

Paulie and Tuffy have a lot to consider. They need to reinforce the building so that it can take a beating from the beast and somehow engineer a cabin that will survive being on the back of it. However, the clients have a new concern. They don’t think between the two buildings will have enough room for everyone to sleep.

On day five, Paulie puts his brain to work and comes up with a solution. The building itself can’t support a second story, but they could build a lookout tower above where The Beast pulls in and it could bunk four more people. Everyone agrees and they jump on it, knocking out the work in record time.

Building the "Look Out"
Building the “Look Out”

In the meantime, Paulie is ready to test the mobile beast. Tuffy is convinced that the building will twist on the back of the truck, blowing out the windows. However, Paulie knows how to make a building earthquake proof. Despite Tuffy’s warnings and a rough ride, the Mobile Beast stays intact. Tuffy pretends to be unimpressed — it’s not the first time someone has built a “camper,” but it’s pretty awesome.

On day six, The Cabin Kings send their clients off and wrap up their work for the big reveal.  The rest of the build goes off without a hitch and when Brendan and John return in 24 hours, they are floored. Camp Fayville isn’t just complete, it’s stunning and the beast looks magnificent.

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Of course, The Cabin Kings love to throw in a few surprise bonuses. They have added a table map of the property complete with army men for strategizing. Even better, Tuffy has built the clients an awesome toy, a trebuchet to chuck watermelons, or whatever else is worth chucking. Brendan and John couldn’t be happier and you have to wonder what The Cabin Kings are going to come up with next.

Want to find out? Tune in next week to Building Wild: Spinning Cabin on Tuesday  January  28 at 9PM et/pt and check it out.


  1. Steve Hartman
    Lincoln, MT
    January 29, 2014, 1:30 am

    Paulie probably doesn’t know it, nor most of your viewers; but a truck like “The Beast” can be purchased very cheap. Like $1000 or two and sometimes less. They are also multi-fuel, gas diesel, kerosene, etc. Here’s a link for y’all and it’s easiest just to seach by state and see what comes up. But these trucks are being sold practically every week.

  2. Rob Morin
    March 27, 2014, 11:14 am

    Where do I find the Camo house wrap, its great!