Do Cows With Names Produce More Milk?

In the new pop science series, Duck Quacks Don’t Echo, we test some of the most outrageous facts you’ve never heard. Premiering tonight, Jan. 13, at 10 & 10:30 p.m., co-hosts Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack), Tom Papa (@tompapa) and Seth Herzog (@Thezog) assess the validity of these and other weird, unusual and over-the-top hypotheses through a series of interactive, original and often hilarious scientific tests.

Michael, Tom, and Seth challenge each other by presenting their best theories — ranging from “Is it possible to stretch a bathing suit cap so far that an adult can fit inside it?” to “When singing the same song, will choir members’ heartbeats synchronize?” The guys put these questions to the test with real, in-studio experiments filmed on a warehouse-style set straight out of a gearhead’s fantasy, with every possible piece of technology you could need. They build hovercrafts out of household appliances, attempt to scale walls using vacuum cleaners and suspend themselves upside down using just superglue. These guys are willing to do just about anything in the name of science!

During remote experiments, scientific experts weigh in to explain the why and the how behind some of the surprising results. Why exactly does wearing red make a woman appear more attractive? What makes the temperature of our noses rise when we tell a lie? We break down the unbelievable facts to reveal the science behind the outrageous theories.

Once each host has defended their honor by carrying out their experiments, the studio audience weighs in. Whose fact is the most impressive, outrageous or interesting? In each episode, only one host can be awarded the coveted “Golden Quack” trophy and of course, more importantly, bragging rights.

Tune in to the series premiere of Duck Quacks Don’t Echo tonight at 10P and be sure to follow the hosts on Twitter as they’ll be live tweeting throughout tonight’s premiere! 


  1. Robert
    January 13, 2014, 11:15 pm

    On the show tonight one of the hosts made at least two demeaning redneck jokes. This is totally inappropriate. The hosts should make jokes about the low production and editing effects.

  2. Lorraine
    January 17, 2014, 12:09 am

    I watched the Duck Quacks echo show on Thurs. the 16th and saw one of your questions posted about French bulldogs and how they could not conceive without having them AI. That is false, while yes, some have to be AI not all. I have a pair of them myself and have had 3 litters of puppies from them and I have never had them Artificially Inseminated. From talking to others who have them also, they do not have them AI, but let nature take it’s course.

  3. ryan
    January 27, 2014, 10:20 pm

    Your fun facts tonight are lame the bull and red learnd that 20 years ago in 6th grade and the glue has been proven over 30 year’s ago and the egg as seen on tv if that all the thought you put into your show think you need a new day job

  4. Leighann
    January 28, 2014, 12:08 am

    this show has a decent idea, but it’s kinda boring. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Mythbusters already covered a ton of this stuff, like the “walking on pudding” thing, which isn’t really pudding, and if seeing red really makes bulls angry. they were a lot more fun to watch too..Mythbusters at least has explosions and fires. DQDE is so…safe. though i will not deny, the truck standing on coffee mugs was very entertaining and educating. so, props but learn what the competition has already done so we’re not rewatching stuff please.