Knife Fighting on Selling Survival

On the latest episode of Selling Survival, Brooklyn is catching up with Doomsday Preppers veteran Snake Blocker. Snake has a host of Apache defense products, and he’s about to give Brooklyn a quick lesson in knife fighting as a self-defense skill. Some things didn’t make the webisode though, so check out these behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. Not seen in the final webisode below is Brooklyn almost getting her hair cut off and Snake teaching Brooklyn a gutsy move sure to render any man harmless.

Be sure to check out the Selling Survival page to catch up on all 13 episodes of the web series so far, and come back next week for the final two installments of Selling Survival.


  1. Zoran
    January 26, 2014, 2:47 pm

    I do not really see what is documentary in these series. In the fact they are quite stupid at the same time charged with aggression and weapons. Are we in the 21st century or remain in the 20th century. A weapon is an endangered species in the U.S. so it should be encouraged as much as possible! Is not it?