Discover the Wonders of La Sagrada Familia

130 years: the amount of time the exquisite cathedral of La Sagrada Familia has been under construction. Conceptualized by the brilliant Catalan modernist Antoni Gaudi, the Barcelona cathedral boasts his trademark unorthodox design, one that continues to challenge contemporary architects today.

Heralded as one of the world’s most striking buildings, La Sagrada Familia is famous for Gaudi’s radical architecture inspired by the natural world, from its soaring towers modeled from crystals and grains to its lizard-inspired gargoyles and its spiral, snail-like staircases. Rejecting the Gothic tradition of building basilicas bolstered by flying buttresses, Gaudi devised original support structures based on forests’ natural weight distribution, finding answers – and a newfound architectural beauty – in nature.

After Gaudi’s sudden death in 1926, La Sagrada Familia was left unfinished. Generations of disciples have worked on the building over the last century, inching the basilica closer and closer to completion. Today, more than a century after Gaudi designed his masterpiece, teams of experts are attempting to complete La Sagrada Familia in time to honor the 100th anniversary of the architect’s death.

To do so, the teams are employing technologies even Gaudi’s mind couldn’t have imagined, as expert builders recreate his idiosyncratic style from hand-carved bronze sculptures to stained glass crafted to harmonize with natural light. Given just thirteen months to finish La Sagrada Familia, the crews are closing in on a historic triumph of innovation and devotion.

“This place is alive – we’re creating a great life, greater than our life.” Learn more about La Sagrada Familia tonight at 6P.