‘One Life’ To Live: New Documentary Premieres Tonight

An estimated five million species inhabit Planet Earth, united by the collective struggle to live and thrive. Nat Geo Wild presents One Life, a sweeping documentary featuring intimate, never-before-captured sequences of animal behavior, stunning habitats and breathtaking scenery.

Narrated by actor Daniel Craig, One Life captures animal interactions nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. Culled from more than 10,000 hours of footage filmed on every continent, the documentary explores rare animal interactions with unprecedented access, including a high-speed chase between pebble toads and tarantulas, the running of the elephant shrews and the Japanese Macaque “snow” monkeys’ uncanny closeness to human society.

One Life celebrates the common journey taken by all living things, from the beginning of life through the perils of existence to their most important achievement and vital goal: the birth of the next generation.

Catch the premiere of One Life tonight at 8P.