Big Cat Week Continues Today: Which Ferocious Feline Are You?

On Day 2 of Nat Geo Wild’s celebration of nature’s biggest, baddest cats, we explore fierce mother lions, nature’s classic rivalry of cats vs. dogs and what happens when feline predators clash in deadly confrontations.

Starting things off at 8P is Cat Wars: Lion vs. Cheetah, which investigates a single stunning fight between two top predators documented on tape. Two male lions launched a brutal attack on three cheetahs in Africa’s Serengeti, an unprecedented clash caught on film for the first time. The episode follows filmmaker Leo Kuenkel, who witnessed the attack and joins forces with lion experts to investigates the cause by breaking down the footage frame by frame. Was this a rare, isolated attack? Or do these two iconic cats actually have a deep-set rivalry?

Next at 9P is Killer Queen, the story of an exiled mother lion fighting for the survival of herself and her cubs. Manyari was Queen of her pride, until she made the drastic move of abandoning her clan’s sanctuary. Sensing danger from two young male lions poised to conquer her pride. Manyari escapes with her young cubs, taking them on a dangerous odyssey into the wilderness. With her young starving and her every move haunted by the pride’s two new princes, Maynari is forced to take huge risks to keep her cubs alive.

Finally at 10P, a non-big cat invades the lineup to challenge the felines’ superiority. Cougar vs. Wolf tells the story of nature’s fiercest cat-and-dog rivalry, the two species clashing in their shared Rocky Mountain habitat. Cougar expert Boone Smith tracks deep into Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains in search of evidence of the competition between the winter landscape’s two biggest predators. Will he unravel the truth about what actually happens in a cougar vs. wolf showdown?

Take a break from watching and discover your inner cat with Nat Geo’s exclusive interactive, Which Big Cat Are You? Answer fun and easy questions to find out whether you’re a tiger type, a classified cougar and more.

Visit the interactive here, and don’t miss Day 2 of Big Cat Week, beginning tonight at 8P.