Biker Churches: Leather, Jeans and Tattoos Welcome

For some practicing Christians, wearing their “Sunday best” to church means saddling up in leather jackets and heavy boots. Biker churches cater specifically to the motorcyclist community, one that many more traditional churches may reject on the basis of stereotypes and prejudiced views about their lifestyle.

On Church Rescue, the Church Hoppers seek to revive the flagging membership of one such church: Freedom Biker Church in Hickory, NC. The nondenominational Christian church works to attract the rough biker crowd to its services, preaching lessons of acceptance and forgiveness.

Scattered across the U.S, these churches believe that the biker community is unfairly viewed as outlaws, underserved by more traditional parishes. Battling the stereotypes of bikers as drunks and criminals, biker churches adopt a “come as you are” stance towards their parishioners, stressing their openness to members of the biking community regardless of how worshipers look or dress.

While Freedom Biker Church needs the Hoppers’ help to grow and flourish, Michigan’s Victory Biker Church welcomes and services bikers effectively, offering “pit stop” Bible study classes and bonfires for members. A church “for anyone who can identify with jeans, tattoos and leather,” Victory Biker Church is clear in its target audience. “Whether you are a biker, all tattooed up, or just someone who wants to hear the Word of the Lord in a safe, fun environment you are welcome,” reads the church’s website. “Whatever your past, whatever your present situation, you will find people who are genuine and full of love for you.”

Can the Church Hoppers turn Freedom Biker Church into a successful house of worship? Find out on Church Rescue tonight at 10P.


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