Splurge or Save? ATV Interceptor vs. Battle Bike

Tonight on Doomsday Preppers: The Fight Ahead, we profile two unique individuals who fear the end of the world is fast approaching. First we meet Chad, a man who fears a nuclear strike from his own government. With his family in tow, Chad executes the biggest prep of his life – a 140’ escape tunnel. But while that may be one of his biggest preps, it’s certainly not his only one, Chad has build a self-sustainable property and has his own line of aquaponic products.

Then we head to North Carolina where Mike Evock and his family are prepping for a devastating biological and chemical attack. Ex-special forces, Mike runs an ATV park, but out back, he has prepped it as the perfect bug-out spot. With an assault rifle fitted ATV, and a mobile chemical attack tent, Mike has a response time that most preppers would envy. Here is how he built what he calls the ATV Interceptor:

Inspired by Mike’s creation, but don’t an extra ATV on hand? Each week we’re featuring new budget preps to correspond with the extravagant prep of the week.

1st coat on bikeAnd this week we’re bringing you the Evade and Escape Battle Bike.

Visit the article to learn how you can make your own.

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  1. Scott and Amanda Bobbin
    July 21, 2014, 2:38 pm

    Preppers Paradise as featured on season 2 is now up for auction at eBay. Please share.