America’s Scariest Beasts: The Monster Project Premieres Tonight

Take a blood-sucking chupacabra, add Judah Friedlander and throw in some science. What do you get? The Monster Project, a Nat Geo WILD event that explores the urban legends of mythical creatures.

The Monster Project pairs Friedlander, comic and self-proclaimed karate master, with a crack team of researchers. They’re not just ordinary scientists – Judah’s crew specializes in cryptozoology, the study of animals who existences have not yet been proven. Sounds too bizarre to be true? The motley team travels the country in search of three elusive animals.

First up is the Jersey Devil, a creature rumored to have the torso of a man, head of a horse, wings of a bat, feet of a goat and a serpent’s tail. With multiple witnesses claiming they’ve seen this dinosaur-esque beast raiding their farms and killing animals, Judah and the crew investigate this Garden State phenomenon. Does the giant winged monster actually exist?

The team’s next prize is the chupacabra, named after the Spanish word for “goat sucker” indicating the beast’s preference for its prey. Notorious for allegedly wreaking havoc in its Texas habitat, the chupacabra’s appearance is a mystery, with different reports claiming it looks like a bear, a coyote or a spiny lizard. The team gets some help when a Texan local claims to have found a chupacabra carcass, but is it the real deal?

And lastly – did you know America has its own Loch Ness Monster? Judah and the cryptozoologists search for an infamous lake creature named Champ, which rests deep in the waters of Vermont’s Lake Champlain. Is it folklore, or do the locals who claim to have seen Champ know something we don’t? Using sonar, video and underwater sensors, the team gets high-tech in their search for the prehistoric water monster.

Spend your Halloween weekend with America’s most bizarre creatures – and no, we’re not just talking about Friedlander.

Catch the premiere of The Monster Project tonight from 8-11P.


  1. shannon
    houston tx
    October 26, 2013, 11:13 pm

    I like the show but the host guy is very annoying.