Grammy Winner Ricky Skaggs Vs. Snake Salvation

“I like the spirit movin’, but I don’t like them snakes movin’.” – Ricky Skaggs

Snake Salvation Pastor Andrew Hamblin was fast-tracked to become a bluegrass superstar when he was younger, but gave up his musical dreams to become a preacher and handle snakes. Playing bluegrass music is a forbidden practice in Hamblin’s Holiness faith. So when Hamblin pays a visit to 14-time Grammy winner and country legend Ricky Skaggs in tonight’s episode of Snake Salvation, it’s not likely that the two men will see eye to eye.

Hamblin met Skaggs back when he was still pursuing music, gaining moral support from the country star. Years later after he’d given up his instrument for the pulpit, Hamblin reconnected with the bluegrass player at a concert, putting his beliefs on the line by agreeing to play banjo with Skaggs.

When the two men meet up to play, Hamblin suggests that Skaggs visits his church. Skaggs quickly declined. “I can show my faith in God in other ways,” he says. For a moment, their differences seemed insurmountable.

But the two men don’t let their spiritual differences ruin the purpose of the afternoon, a chance to jam together. “I believe Ricky and me both spread the gospel, just in very different ways,” Hamblin says. He even works out a compromise to play banjo without compromising his beliefs – singing gospel music.

See Grammy-winning musician Ricky Skaggs cross paths with Pastor Hamblin on Snake Salvation tonight at 9P.


  1. Joe Rowland
    October 22, 2013, 11:12 am

    I was born in Virginia, 12 miles east of Middlesboro, Ky and hunted deer in Royal Blue (up in the mountains above LaFollette, Tenn.) so I know the area well.
    We, or I should say the community, had Pentecostal Churches that handled snakes. And, there were some that didn’t. I think it depended upon the Pastor of the church.
    I remember as a young boy, hearing about a particular Pastor was conducting a service with snakes and someone in the community called the Sheriff’s Dept to complain. I believe it was against the law to handle them in public. So, the Sheriff and a couple of deputy’s walked in the front door of the church and told the Pastor he was under arrest. The Pastor, who had a big yellow timber rattler in his hand, flung it at the Sheriff. I heard the Sheriff and two deputies almost made a new door in the church trying to get out or there. To my knowledge they never come back.
    I do enjoy seeing the mountain scenery of my home place but have no desire to visit one of their churches. Like Rickey Skaggs said, “the only good snake is a dead one”, and I have killed my share of them.

  2. Becci Loomer
    Harrodsburg Ky
    October 29, 2013, 1:06 pm

    I totally love this series. Yes I live in KY and NO I don’t handle snakes but the drama and suspension is awesome. I really hope it comes on for another season.

  3. Christian
    February 15, 2014, 10:48 pm

    RIP Jamie Coots.. Prayers for your family. You died doing what you believe in