Griselda Blanco, “Godmother of Cocaine”

One of the most sordid characters of Miami’s storied drug trade, Griselda Blanco rose from obscurity to become the “madrina de la coca,” the “Godmother of Cocaine.”

Tonight, Cocaine Cowboys 2 tells the shocking true story of Blanco, the diabolical matriarch responsible for taking Colombian cocaine trafficking global in the 1970s. Called the “Black Widow” for her rumored murder of several ex-husbands, Blanco allegedly ordered over 200 hits on targets from Colombia to California.

After establishing her notoriety dealing drugs in NYC, Blanco fled to Miami in the mid-1970s where she built a global drug dynasty, overseeing the import of three tons of cocaine to the U.S. per year. She was known for her decadent hits and appetite for vengeance, staging large-scale public murders of her enemies.

Blanco’s reign didn’t last long – she was arrested in 1985 and spent 19 years behind bars before her deportation back to Colombia. She was gunned down near her Medellin home last year at the age of 69, killed by the same hit technique she pioneered, the drive-by motorcycle assassination.

But in the short span of time she ruled the streets, Blanco corrupted Miami into a decaying black hole of homicides and hard drugs.

Cocaine Cowboys 2 follows the story of Charles Cosby, a small-time drug dealer whose path inexplicably intertwines with Blanco’s. A neighborhood gangbanger in Oakland, Cosby wrote a fan letter in 1991 to Blanco in prison, which would grow into a twisted relationship taking Cosby from the streets of Oakland into Blanco’s tangled web of drugs and murder.

Terrifying, entertaining and stranger than fiction – follow Blanco’s story on Cocaine Cowboys 2 tonight at 9P.


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