Yukon Fail: When Miners Strike Out

Gold mining in the Yukon is a ruthless game of chance, where success depends on mining the right land at the right time. For the crews of Yukon Gold, their luck may have run out.

Bernie, who’s wasted precious time mining an unsuccessful claim, his second site at Snow Creek needs to yield paydirt to save his reputation as both a miner and prospector. Faced with a difficult job, Bernie’s unable to manage his inexperienced and unenthusiastic crew made up of his kids, leaving him to do the heavy lifting. Between battling equipment issues and dealing with his sons, Bernie’s chances of success are slipping away.

Ken and Guillaume, mining crewmates and best friends, need to face facts: their remote location of Moose Creek isn’t giving up the gold they need to stay in production. To mine more, they need their second sluice plant, nicknamed Bad Attitude for its faulty nature, to work correctly without breaking down. Taking on a second sluice means higher fuel and crew costs for the already cash-strapped pair. Unfortunately, equipment failure strikes again.

Can the crews overcome the odds and hit paydirt? Find out tonight on Yukon Gold at 7P.


  1. Connect Mining
    September 26, 2013, 12:40 pm

    Golden opportunity to see it & have feeling well.