Calling All Brain Games Fans… Now Casting!

Whether you’ve fallen for every mind-bending trick demonstrated by Jason Silva and Apollo Robbins on Brain Games or not, we’re looking for our next batch of participants to test the newest brain busters. And this time we want you, the fans.

That’s right, Brain Games is looking for their FANS to participate in the next season! If you live in the New York Tri-State area or Las Vegas and want to take part, send your information to ASAP!


  1. Kyle Lehm
    Washington Twp., New Jersey
    August 12, 2013, 11:58 am

    Please pick me! Brain games is my favorite show!

  2. Ashley Alicea
    August 12, 2013, 11:59 am

    Use me in your experiments!!!

  3. Mitasha Palha
    New York, NY
    August 13, 2013, 9:09 pm

    This would be a dream come trueee!!

  4. Sarah Clegg
    Abbotsford,BC Canada
    October 17, 2013, 1:10 am

    I Love your show!! I Love every single test or game or Brain bender done by Jason Silva & Apollo Robbins!!! They would be the Ultimate guys to go to Vegas or just about Anywhere on a trip with!!! Keep making awesomeness come alive all over the Globe everyone!!! We will be your fans alwayz…♪•♪♥•