Remaking History

It’s history in the (re)making. Killing Kennedy, National Geographic Channel’s latest documentary project, kicked off filming earlier this summer, meaning there are plenty of behind the scenes footage and inside photos of the incredible talent coming our way!

It’s the second docudrama of its kind for National Geographic and it’s boasting some fantastic talent for round 2. Ginnifer Goodwin, who is set to play Jackie O., is having a fantastic month. Currently on the July cover of ‘Prestige’ magazine, the 35-year-old actress exudes a beautifully classic look and has reported that she’s currently studying up on the fabulous Jackie O for her role as first lady.

Killing KennedyHere Rob Lowe is seated alongside of Ginnifer Goodwin, for an intimate scene that depicts the presidential power couple, JFK and Jackie O.

Killing Kennedy





The second photo release for this week features Mark Rothhaar in costume, playing Lee Harvey Oswald. Michelle Trachtenberg, originally known for her role as the child detective in Harriet the Spy, will play Marina Oswald, the modest stay at home wife of Lee Harvey Oswald.


Both set’s of Characters are looking fantastic in the highly anticipated docudrama, Killing Kennedy.  Keep an eye out for Killing Kennedy in November 2013