Are You A Risk-Taker?

Ultimate Survival Alaska; Episode 108; NGCUS Ep code: 9504; NGCI IBMS Code: 041424Taking risks are all about testing the bounds of what we think we can or should do in hopes for a greater result. The funny thing about risk is we most often under estimate our ability to handle the consequences of risk; we limit ourselves thinking we’re not up for the task. Taking risks, however, can be a very healthy thing. In taking risk, we learn a lot about our potential for embracing change or confronting obstacles and
we learn to work hard for the things we value.

Risk taking is nothing new to any of the Ultimate Survival crew. Every leg of the journey they are confronted with tough decisions. Without their willingness to embrace these challenges they would never progress along their path.

Ultimate Survival Alaska; Episode 108; NGCUS Ep code: 9504; NGCI IBMS Code: 041424This week on Ultimate Survival Alaska, facing the Nizina River, the men are faced with the difficult glacial river crossing. How will they choose to cross it? With deep, rushing waters and freezing temperatures, there is no easy way to tackle this obstacle. Some will choose to brave the river’s toughest basins to cross, some will try and traverse the ridgeline, and others will face the uncertain ground of the gravel sandbar. All men will assume great risks, some more difficult than others.

What do you think will be the toughest challenge
for this week’s Ultimate Survival Alaska?

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