First Look – Oswalds in Killing Kennedy

Will Rothhaar and Michelle Trachtenberg’s first photos as Mr. & Mrs. Oswald were released yesterday, another exciting moment for Killing Kennedy, National Geographic Channel’s latest docudrama to be released in November. The docudrama follows the events in the lives of both the Kennedy family and the Oswalds, leading up to the assassination of America’s 35th President. As history would attest, the tumultuous turning points in 1965 for both the future president and his assassin would ultimately culminate in not one but two horrifying deaths that would stun a nation.

The first look at their co-stars, Rob Lowe and Gennifer Goodwin, who are set to play Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy were released earlier this month. Will Rothhaar plays the role of the disturbed and complicated Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald, as former marine and Marxist, troubled by his past and disillusioned by his renounced U.S. citizenship struggles with his internal torment.

Michelle Trachtenberg’s role as Marina Oswald, widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, brings light to the family dynamic of the Oswalds. Michelle is pictured here as Marina Oswald, a housewife and mother of two children.

Releasing in November, 50 years following the assassination of President Kennedy, Killing Kennedy is an event not to be missed this fall.

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  1. Tim Raven
    Stonewall, TX
    June 25, 2013, 1:05 pm

    My father-in-law is retired Secret Service. He was on the Ft. Worth detail during the Kennedys’ Texas trip. He and another agent took Marina Oswald into protective custody after the assassination and interrogated her for a number of days at secret location. He also provided protection for her at Oswald’s burial. (he has official pictures of both events). He has an incredible story to tell. Would have been great if you could have spoken with him before filming.

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  3. johny
    August 14, 2013, 11:16 am

    I bet while interrogating her she told your grandfather who was in the grassy nole also. Did he tell you the Kennedy bloodlines are the head of the lizard people shape shifters? Its true the last 6 Presidents have been brothers and Uncles of these lizard shape shifters. They say that President Bush was actually a female lizard shape shifter. so we have had 1 female president but only in its true skin! They are all part of secret sect of Freemasons & Luminoty! So was Oswald he was considered the enforcer of Lizard people. That how he was able to shoot the so called magic bullet. The lizard people have that technology to shoot bullets that curve in mid flight. The Lizard shape shifters have been here since the early 50’s. They were the survivors of the Roswell Alien crash.

  4. johny
    August 14, 2013, 11:20 am

    I probably shouldn’t have put that post out because Ill probably be taken in middle of the night by The MIB Or Men In Black. they don’t want the truth out there! So anyone that reads this your life could be in danger. They usually Kidnap people & take them to the deep woods in California & sacrifice you to there Lizard God in front of a Giant wooden Owl!