Do you Rely on Logic or Intuition When it Comes to Decisions? Take the Challenge!

Every time you make a decision, your brain enters an often invisible battle between risk and reward. Through a series of interactive games, surprising experiments, and relatable experts, you’ll learn astonishing facts about how you make decisions – and how to get better at making them. Think you’re in charge of your own destiny? Do you believe the decisions you make are rational? Do you consider yourself good at weighing the options? Think again.

So… do you lean toward logic or intuition when you make choices? Take the latest challenge and find out!

Brain Games: You Decide

Complete all 12 episode challenges to reveal your total brain profile. And don’t miss Brain Games: You Decide, Monday at 9P.


  1. resmije
    November 16, 2013, 4:28 pm

    I am student for bussies – administration. Actualy I do an study about decision-making, If I am intuitive or logical, and I want to use your test.