Never-Before Filmed Ritual in Polygamy

In the polygamous community of Centennial Park, on the Utah-Arizona border, everything is about growth – children, families, even the town itself. But, with growth, comes plenty of growing pains. The town itself was born only about twenty years ago and can barely keep up with its expanding numbers. As families grow with more wives and kids, they must learn to be more responsible. And as children come of age, they must choose between growing up in – or growing away from – the church.

Michael Cawley’s daughter, Fiona, is coming to the first crossroads in choosing the polygamous lifestyle: baptism. In Centennial Park, a child must be old enough to understand the tenets of their faith, which includes memorizing all 13 Articles of Mormon faith. Michael’s second wife, Connie, has been working with Fiona to prepare her for the baptism – a ritual that has never before been filmed. But, during a Cawley family outing to Colorado City – an extreme polygamous sect run by the controversial leader Warren Jeffs – SUV’s with tinted windows circle and harass the family, threatening to ruin their good time.

Then, Uncle Arthur, one of the community elders, has had several children choose to leave Centennial Park. His son Ezra may be the next to go. Ezra’s latest act of defiance, a truck bought against Arthur’s wishes, has broken down in Salt Lake City. Arthur and his youngest wife, Gloria, accompany Ezra on a tense road trip to recover the truck, and spend some quality time together.

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  1. T.L. McPherson
    May 22, 2013, 1:06 am

    Give this community a break! Our country was founded on the concept allowing freedom of religion. This is not my faith, but everyone should be allowed to practice their religion. The government/law enforcement should allow God to judge and as humans we do not have the right to judge.

  2. Astxik
    Armenia, Ararat
    June 10, 2013, 2:31 pm

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  3. Anonymous
    November 11, 2014, 11:20 pm

    Bring back polygamy usa and meet the Hutterites! I want to know where they are now and can’t find anything about them! I didn’t know these shows existed until recently and my family and friends are all hooked but they’re over! We don’t want anything else on this channel and it is so sad. We found ourselves routing for certain characters and miss them!